Tourist Visa Renewal #3


This past Monday, I renewed my tourist visa for the third time.  At this point, the process simply involves using the instructions I documented the first time around.  I made the requisite deposit in a bank account, and took a number at the DAS office.  Unlike my last visit which entailed about 30 minutes of waiting, this time around it took me closer to an hour and a half.  During that time, I spoke briefly with a Belgian man (and US resident) currently living in Medellin.  He is a pianist by trade, and mentioned he might begin playing a weekly jazz gig at the new Art Hotel in Parque Lleras.

Only one more tourist visa renewal left before this tourist must leave the country for the remainder of 2009.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the original page. It’s good to go with a game plan, although all the details and copies are pretty overwhelming! It’s tempting to just go to Ecuador ha but I’m sure the wait time won’t be quite that long. Cheers