Vibra Mi Tierra Beer and Music Festival


Vibra Mi Tierra

The popular artisanal brewery Tres Cordilleras is taking its fresh approach to beer culture one step further with the first annual Vibra Mi Tierra (Vibrate My Land) festival in Medellin’s Botanical Gardens this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday the Orquideorama – one of Medellin’s most impressive architectural structures – will vibrate with paisas enjoying local bands, food, and of course, delicious micro-brewed beer.

Brewmaster Juanchi Velez says that his decision to open an artisanal brewery in his homeland (where 99% of beer is owned by multinational giant SABMiller) went against the odds but in accordance with his passion and dedication to bring beer culture to Medellin.

In that vein, the Vibra Mi Tierra festival will celebrate the passion of Colombia and the best food, drink and music it has to offer in the lush setting of the Botanical Gardens.

‘’We are very much about the new Colombia, we want to show the world we have a lot of cool people and stuff going on,’’ said Velez.

In the spirit of supporting local music, the 12 bands set to play under the shade of the honeycomb roof of the Orquideorama are all from the Medellin area. From Nuevo-cumbia to jazz to electronica, the line-up has a little something for everyone. With live music until 2 am on Saturday, Vibra Mi Tierra is setting itself up to be a pretty good party.  [Click here for Schedule of Bands]

In addition to Tres Cordilleras’ three signature beers, festival-goers will be able to enjoy its newest creation, an India Pale Ale to be unveiled on Saturday. Ten other home-brewers will offer everything from honey porters to Belgian-style ales, to the delight of any beer lover who tires of predictable lagers like Pilsen, Aguila or Club Colombia.

And with a belly full of beer, there’s nothing like some good eats to keep you on your feet to hear the last band. Twelve popular Medellin restaurants will set up shop in the Botanical Gardens for the weekend offering an array of flavors to tantalize any taste buds. Cazuelas de mi Tierra, Il Forno, San Carbon,  La Fiambreria and O-Kono are just a few.

The first ever Vibra Mi Tierra festival will take place on:

Saturday, April 30th from 11 AM to 2 AM

Sunday, May 1st from 11 AM to 7 PM

Don’t miss what is sure to be a show of the best food, beer and music Medellin has to offer set in the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico) just off the ‘’Universidad’’ metro stop.

For more info visit Vibra Mi Tierra’s official website, or check out the Tres Cordilleras website.

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  1. Can you believe that these people are so tight that when you go out to use the cash point they insist you pay again to enter
    Beer needs improving too. Bogota beer company or what used to be San Tomas much better

    • They were using bracelets or stamps to allow re-entry? I agree that’s pretty weak. I haven’t tried Bogota Beer Company, but I’ll look for it next time I’m in the capital.