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Opened in 2015 and located on Vía Primavera near Parque Lleras, Total Spanish is one of Medellín’s newest language schools.

Like many places in the city, and especially in Poblado, it’s a large house turned business, adapted into a set of spaces that welcome learning.

Group classes take place every morning.
Group classes take place every weekday morning.

About Total Spanish

Total Spanish is equipped with trained educators who work hard to help foreigners learn the local language here in Medellín.

They work a curriculum based on the Common European Framework levels, specializing in Beginner and Intermediate level, but also supporting levels up to C1 advanced.

Each level has a duration of 60 hours, 20 per week (a daily four), after each level, evaluations take place to follow the process closely.

The school is in a fun area, with lots of businesses, restaurants, cafes and bars to start putting your Spanish to use.

The staff are welcoming and nice and have a great relationship with their students so that learning becomes something they have fun doing.

A private class at Total Spanish.
A private class at Total Spanish

Support for Accommodation and Getting Acclimated

Total Spanish supports visitors before they’re even arrived in the city. They can find students rooms in Colombian homes or apartments to share with other students, among other accommodation possibilities.

They also partner with tour companies to offer their students a better view of the city and its surroundings. They encourage students to sign up for dance classes, to attend language exchanges, and to get out and practice Spanish.

A student practicing on his own in the Total Spanish lab.
A student practicing on his own during his free time in the Total Spanish lab

Private, Group, and Combo Classes

After getting you settled, Total Spanish has a lot more to offer. You can choose between their different plans according to how you learn best.

Intensive group classes take place weekday mornings from 9 a.m to 1 p.m. (A total of 20 hours per week.)

If you prefer private classes, you can also choose the one-on-one option, 10 hours per week in the afternoons (two hours a day).

Finally, there’s the intensive combo, which incorporates both group classes everyday and two days of private classes a week.

All students, no matter if they’re in private or group classes have access to their learning lab which has desktop computers packed with tools for practicing Spanish in all its forms: grammar, listening, reading, and writing.

It’s all about helping students go past the classroom, and into grasping Spanish for the long term.

You can see more photos and updates from the school the Total Spanish Facebook  and Twitter.


The prices are set up by week, because Total Spanish understands that not all visitors are in Medellín for a prolonged period.

The prices are also open to a 15 percent discount when you sign up for three weeks or more at a time, for those that plan on staying longer.

  • Intensive group classes:  500,000 pesos/week ($165)
  • Private classes: 500,000 pesos/week ($165)
  • Intensive combo: 670,000 pesos /week ($215)

Learning on the Go

Most students at Total Spanish are tourists that either stay for a short time or initially plan on doing so and then end up extending their visit. That’s why this language program is designed for the needs of these visitors.

Total Spanish has open ears to your needs and difficulties, all you have to do is approach them!

For more information check out their website


This story was brought to you in partnership with Total Spanish.

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  1. Sounds good but very expensive. My teacher is great and a lot more economical. He charges 25000 pesos an hour for private classes. If anyone is interested, his name is David and his number is 311-385-2510 . He teaches in the Unicentro Centro Comercial. (Laureles next to UPB).

    • I would not say that. Lessons in Bogota and Cartagena are way more expensive and you are not factoring in cultural activities/meeting other students and access to other stuff you can’t get with a one-man band. In fact compared to what I paid in Mexico its a great price.

      Personally I would rather learn in a school and meet the other students rather than sitting in a loud shopping mall.
      I think I might give it a go and if I remember I’ll add an update with how I got on.

      • As promised I am back with my experiences at Total Spanish in Poblado. I did 3 weeks over Jan/Feb and I have to say my Spanish have improved greatly. I found listening hard so my teacher gave me some exercises to do after class on the PCs they have and it helped loads.

        I also loved having some of the lessons outside the classroom. One day our group even went to Parqui Arvi which was fantastic.

        Everyone was very friendly and I met some great people. Highly Recommended

        Sadly that’s the end of my time in Medellin,

        • Max,

          Thanks so much for your feedback, it’s great to hear from the readers’ perspective. Glad to hear you had a good experience both in Total Spanish and in Medellín. Take care!

    • Dave is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and fluent in both English and Spanish. Working with a private tutor is a great way to learn quickly. You’ll work for, say, two hours at a time, and you’ll be focused for the full two hours entirely on working with your tutor, without any interruptions.

      I like studying in schools too, but I make more progress working intensively with a private tutor. $25,000 per hour with a private tutor is an excellent price.

      • Great! I am going to Medellín and would like to take some classes with this guy! Does he have whatsapp? I tried the number above but it didn’t work.

  2. I study Spanish with Jorge Enrique Perez. He is an excellent teacher and is very professional. He will come to your home in Medellin and if you like, will continue to teach you on Skype after you return home. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. His contact information is
    57-300-488-9695 or