Barrita Burrito: The Best Burrito Joint in Town


I am a huge fan of burritos. I don’t know where their name comes from (feel free to tell me), I don’t know how Mexican they really are, but stuffing meat, vegetables, and salsa in a tortilla is basically the best idea in the world- don’t forget the guac.

I am, coincidentally, also a huge fan of spring rolls…now that we’re speaking of rolled deliciousness, but I won’t get off topic.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been going to this place in Laureles called Barrita Burrito, which literally translates to burrito bar. It’s my vice!

They aren’t the cheapest fast food meal, starting at 12,500 pesos, but they’re great portions and are full of delicious flavor.



So, there’s something that Barrita Burrito knows for sure: location, location, location.

I saw them for the first time by the second park in Laureles (Cra 74 b # 39-58), a hot-spot for restaurants and bars.

However, they have two more locations: one by Poblado on Avenida Las Vegas (Carrera 47 A calle 5-81 interior 2), and one inside the new Sabaneta mall (Centro Comercial Vegas Plaza unit 103).

They’re interior is made to be a fast food restaurant if you want to eat in or they’re ready for takeout and delivery (for some parts of the city) I mean your food is literally rolled up and ready to go already!

Right now they’re only in Medellín, but they’re considering expanding to other cities like Bogotá and Cali.


What to Eat at Barrita Burrito

I know this one seems like a no-brainer. However, cut me some slack, there are options. Yes, you can eat burritos at this place. You can choose a smaller burrito or a “burro”, one that is actually really big and I had trouble finishing.

You can choose one meat or two, they have chicken, beef, pork, chicharrón.

You can then choose from the following:

  • rice
  • beans-black or red
  • corn
  • sweet plantain
  • sweet, medium or hot sauce
  • Jalapeños
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • pico de gallo
  • sour cream

Have it in a combo, if you wish, which includes soda and nachos, or on its own. The burrito alone is 12,500 ($3.80)and the burro 15,000 ($4.50).

However, you have other options besides burritos. You can have a bowl with all these ingredients called a Cuenco, you can order a nacho bowl (yum), they offer a mexican tomato soup or soft and hard shell tacos.

You want soup and a burrito? It’ll cost you a mere 17,000 ($5.10) with a soda.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.44.15 PM


Burritos are the best delivery food. You’re hungry, you call, someone comes to the rescue carrying a brown bag of delicious burritos. They’re quick, too, and they charge only 2,500 pesos ($0.75).

You have several options: you can call the numbers in the image above and order over the phone, or you can go online to the domicilios (deliveries) website, where you can find a number of restaurants in Medellín.

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  1. The Birthplace of the Burrito is Los Angeles, California. It’s the culinary brainchild of a Mexican American Immigrant hot dog & taco vendor from Puerto Vallarta named Tommy. Before Tommy there was no “Little Burro”, even in Mexico. Tommy’s is a Download L.A. place to be seen at 3 A.M. standing in a long street line.

  2. That new Sabenta “mall” isn’t much of a mall – its really just a covered strip of fast food places next to the Euro supermarket in Sabaneta plus a few shops.

    • Yeah, you’re right, Jeff. Colombians tend to add a different meaning to the word “mall”. A mall in our sense here is a centro comercial; a “mall” is a strip of food joints and stores.