Take a Break and Visit Breathtaking Brazil

Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro (Photo: Rodrigo Soldon)

Considering Colombia shares a border with Brazil, it seems prudent that we discuss the plethora of sights to see and things to do in the country.

It is, of course, a giant of a country – 8.5 million square kilometers to be exact, the fifth largest country in the world in terms of both area and population size.

As such, it comes as no surprise that there is a huge variety of things to do and see in Brazil. The trouble is narrowing down all the possibilities – it is impossible to ‘do’ Brazil in a two-week vacation or even in a month.

Whether you’re after palm tree-lined white sand beaches, historic colonial towns, rainforests brimming with exotic wildlife, dramatic gorges or buzzing cities, Brazil truly has it all. I’ve outlined just four of Brazil’s top destinations but hopefully it’s a starting point!

Rio de Janeiro

You cannot travel to Brazil without paying a visit to its unofficial capital.

Although the capital of Brazil is actually Brasilia, think of Brazil and you think of Rio which is, after all, reported to be the most visited city in the southern hemisphere. Hotels in Rio de Janeiro can be full of visitors eager to experience the vibrancy of this famous city at any time of the year.

Just the name ‘Rio de Janeiro’ conjures up the sounds of samba music, the exotic costumes of Carnaval, beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema forever immortalized in songs, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer that watches over the city, and the stunning Sugarloaf Mountain.

Imagine sipping a caipirinha on the balcony of your Rio de Janeiro hotel as you watch the sun set over Copacabana beach…

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls (Photo: JP Correa Carvalho)

Iguaçu Falls

After snaking its way through Brazil for some 600km, the Rio Iguaçu widens and enters a vast tract of forest before dramatically plunging 8o metres via hundreds of tiered waterfalls.

275 waterfalls combine over an area more than 3km wide, making the Iguaçu Falls one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The falls are shared between Brazil and Argentina but from the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu in Brazil, visitors are rewarded with a stunning view of all 275 waterfalls.


Being the Amazon’s largest city, Manaus is the gateway to rainforest adventures.

From here you can book expeditions into the rainforest and boat trips up the mighty Amazon River.

The city itself is worth an exploration too, with its bustling markets, interesting architecture and Amazonian culture.


Originally the capital of Portugal’s New World, Salvador de Bahia is still a magnificent city.

Its colonial architecture provides an elegant backdrop to the city’s frequent festivals, which showcase the pulsating energy Salvador has in its veins. Although the architecture may be European, Salvador has retained many of its African roots and African food, dance, music and even religion pervade the city.

In addition to all the sights of the city, Salvador is home to some of Brazil’s finest beaches so you can go from city life to beach life in an instant.


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