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J&C Delicias: Gourmet Arepas with Everything

J&C Delicias specializes in gourmet arepas, which can be topped with just about anything. The restaurant has over a dozen locations in and around Medellín.

“El Aula” is the New Addition to the Carlos E. Food...

El Aula is a new restaurant shaking the Carlos E. Restrepo food scene with its Mediterranean influence.

The 10 Best Places to Take a Date

Ryan shares his 10 best places to take a date in Medellín, some of which you likely know already, but others that might still be a secret to most.

The Chocolate House: A Little Piece of Heaven

Located on Calle 8 #34-33 in Provenza, right next to Bogotá Beer Company, The Chocolate House is the perfect place to return to childhood for a few hours.

The Best Street Food in Medellín

Ryan aims to find the best street food in Medellín, but his favorites are just the beginning. He wants your advice too, as there are hundreds of options.

The Food Truck Trend Comes to Colombia

Ryan discovers the food truck trend in Bogotá and tries each one at the city's primary park for these mobile restaurants, which are all over the capital.

Listening to Our Readers: Updates to the “Best Of Medellín” Based...

We at Medellín Living like listening to our readers, and based on your input we have revised half of our "Best Of Medellín" stories from the past year.