Listening to Our Readers: Updates to the “Best Of Medellín” Based on Your Input

When you made a suggestion, we were paying attention, just like the iguanas at Jardín Botánico perk up when people are near.
When you made a suggestion, we were paying attention, just like the iguanas at Jardín Botánico perk up when people are near.
When you made a suggestion, we were paying attention, just like the iguanas at Jardín Botánico — one of the places newly added to our Best Parks post — perk up when people are near

September arrived today and I’m having a hard time believing it as I write it.

That means I’ve called Medellín home now for three years, most of them telling you about the things I like about this city and country, often doing so in “Best Of” posts.

It’s rare that I get everything right the first time around because I either didn’t know about a place that someone else loves, something they tell me about in the comments section under my stories, or maybe I give a place another chance and like it better the second time around.

Or, in some cases, a new place opens after I’ve already written my post, a place that warrants inclusion and I am happy to grant it a rightful place in one of these stories.

What it comes down to is listening to our readers. Maybe we won’t agree all the time, but we’re following what you’re saying.

I have six such posts that need revision, or about half, going back to last July, a month I am including so there was enough time for sufficient feedback that could sway my vote.

I do ask one favor should you disagree with me: make sure you read carefully the criteria in each post, something I’ve tried to be more specific about to clear up any confusion.

For example, in my post on my favorite cafés in the city, I got quite a nasty comment from someone who swears that Pergamino has the best coffee in Medellín and there was favoritism involved in my choices.

My criteria clearly stated that a café’s standing would be based on more than just coffee.

So let’s start there shall we.

I go to Café Velvet for the hot chocolate.
I go to Café Velvet for the hot chocolate

Best Cafés in Medellín, June 2014

Maybe they opened around the same time as the story of the best cafés was posted, but either way, I didn’t have a chance to try Café Velvet.

Owned by Belgians, it’s no surprise that chocolate is one of the specialties.

The Best Parks in Medellín, March 2014

I’ve never thought of Jardín Botánico as a park. It’s always been something much more grand to me. But enough people consider it a park, and wondered about its exclusion from my story on best parks, that I have listened to them.

I just hope I get to see the monkey again that I saw there one day. At least I see one of the iguanas every time I go.

Best Peruvian Food in Medellín, February 2014

My biggest critic here was the owner of Chiclayo, the restaurant I ranked second in my post. He feels his food is the most authentic Peruvian cuisine in Medellín.

My second biggest was from readers who really like Piqueo, a place near Parque Lleras that I didn’t include the first time around.

After spending a month in Perú this summer, I’m inclined to agree with all of them.

Best Hidden Restaurants in Medellín, December 2013

A reader made a good point: that this story leaned too heavily toward hidden restaurants in Laureles and Poblado.

I’ll counter with the fact that the restaurants that ranked No. 1 and No. 2 were in neither location.

But I made it a point to try Ernesto’s Tacos on his insistence and they were so good, the place snuck into another post…

Best Mexican Food in Medellín, September 2013

All right, Ernesto’s Tacos, I think you’ve now gotten the credit you deserve by making the Top 5 in this post too.

Best Sushi in Medellín, July 2013

At the time we posted this story, we didn’t feel there were enough places that served sushi to warrant a Top 5. There are now.

I’ve added four places to what started as my Top 3: two places to eliminate a couple of restaurants originally on the list (which I never really cared for and felt were just space holders), and two to round out a Top 5.

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