The Chocolate House: A Little Piece of Heaven

Chocolate bar
Personalized chocolate bar. Photo: The Chocolate House

I first discovered The Chocolate House when I bumped into it on a failed attempt of grabbing a beer at Bogotá Beer Company during World Cup back in 2014.

As there were no free tables, my friends and I walked down the street in the hope of finding a nice place to release all the energy we gathered during the football match played that day.

To our surprise, we found this small adorable space with colored chairs and chocolate in almost all its forms. The Chocolate House, that is.

Located on Calle 8 #34-33 in Provenza, The Chocolate House is the perfect place to return to childhood for a few hours.

The Chocolate House opened its doors in May 2014 and its story is inspired by the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel. The main idea is to follow your instincts, let yourself get carried away and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Jaime, co-owner of The Chocolate House reading the story of how it all started.
Jaime, co-owner of The Chocolate House reading the story of how it all started.

Jaime and his friend Sara started the business two months after they came up with the idea. The Chocolate House responded to the need to bring something new to the market.

We all know that when it comes to chocolate, being the sweet itself or personalized chocolate gifts, Medellín doesn’t stand out. So The Chocolate House comes with a sweet (pun intended) proposal on the matter.

First, if you want to offer personalized chocolate bars to your loved ones, The Chocolate House is the place to get them.

You can choose from a variety of fruits and other ingredients to fill the bar with and it is nicely packaged. When I bought my first chocolate bar there, I spent about 15 minutes deciding what I wanted. Luckily, the owner and the staff are relaxed and patient.

Personalized chocolate bar. Photo: The Chocolate House
Personalized chocolate bar. Photo: The Chocolate House

You have three types of chocolate salsa you can choose from: classic, with sweet pepper or fruity flavored.

I’d go for sweet pepper if I were you (wink), but if in doubt, don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to taste them first. The staff is always there to help you choose.

The menu offers a lot, from waffles with fruits and chocolate salsa to delicious lava cakes, truffles and chocolate fondue, making it also a perfect place for a first date.

Chocolate cheesecake is also available on the menu for only 5,800 peso ($2.50) and it’s addictive.

Waffle mediano with ice cream and fruits
Waffle mediano with ice cream and fruits

If you’re on a diet or on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle, don’t worry about it, The Chocolate House has you covered.

They came up with a fitness line, so yes, you can enjoy a delicious organic brownie made of coconut and almonds flour for only 3,500 pesos ($1.50). Or maybe some sugar-free truffles with fibers, nuts or whey protein for 1,900 pesos a piece (less than a dollar).

My favorite thing to do at The Chocolate House is to have a maridaje, meaning pairing wine with food which, in our case, is chocolate.

I went there so many times that they already know what wine I’m having so they just ask me, “Same wine, miss?”

Pairing wine with chocolate is one of the most divine things on Earth if you ask me, especially in such a cozy place with such great chocolate.

Maridaje with wine and chocolate cake
Maridaje with wine and chocolate cake. Photo: The Chocolate House

I remember when I first went there I was so excited that I told the friends I was with that I wanted all the chocolate for my birthday. And even though it was June and my birthday is in January, the staff brought me a chocolate brownie with a candle on top and a “Happy Birthday” written with chocolate on my plate. That’s when they had me!

My first summer job was as a waitress in a typical Romanian restaurant on the seaside so I will always appreciate good service, as well as the work in a kitchen.

The Chocolate House has an amazing staff, passionate about their job and, of course, chocolate.

They’re always innovating, coming up with new recipes and product presentation. Jaime, the owner, also speaks English so you should not have any problem asking for details or recommendations.

Favorite corner inside The Chocolate House
Favorite corner inside The Chocolate House

The place is rather intimate and has only a few tables, which makes it a perfect place to celebrate life events with close friends or family.

The decor is one of the warmest I’ve found in similar chocolate shops (I’ve been to a lot of them), and it makes you feel at home.

It’s cozy enough for a reading or a working session as well, but careful, you might lose yourself to a lot of chocolate so make sure you go there on an empty stomach. I always do. Yet again, I live on chocolate so that’s not a problem for me.

All in all, if you’re up for a sweet escape, The Chocolate House is your place. Enjoy!

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