Saturday, August 5, 2023
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The Top Gay-Friendly Places in Medellín

Medellín is one of the most progressive cities in Colombia – over the past decade seeing a rise in more accepting attitudes, particularly around...

Fiesta Zunga!

One of the biggest-if not the biggest LGBT party in Medellín, Fiesta Zunga has an astonishing number of 1000 guests.  It's the first of...

Banana Splitter Anniversary: Putti Frutti

For their anniversary, Banana Splitter is having a tropical fruity themed party which will, as always, blow everyone away. Banana Splitter is an LGBT party...

RainBlow Anniversary Event

RainBlow is having their Anniversary "straight-friendly" event on the day of the Gay Pride March in Medellín. This is a weekly event made extra...

Gay Pride March 2015 Medellín

The gay pride march 2015 will take place in four different regions of Colombia this Sunday (Bogotá, Pereira, Pacífico and Medellín). In Medellín it...

El Banana Splitter: Nightlife That Welcomes Diversity

El Banana Splitter is an inclusive LGBT nightlife organization that has hosted theme parties every other month since June 2014.

LGBT Medellín: The Most Colorful Side of the City

Colombia has over 20 national organizations working for LGBT rights, and Medellín is rapidly becoming the most tolerant city in the country.