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Apóstol Beer Tasting and Brewery Tour

Every Thursday evening, the Apóstol Brewery in Sabaneta, south of Medellin hosts a beer tasting and brewery tour that's open to the public.

3 Nights of Halloween in Medellín

Ryan celebrates Halloween in Medellin, paisa style, with three long nights out at various bars and clubs in the city.

Bogotá Beer Company: Leading the Microbrew Revolution in Colombia

Bogotá Beer Company is an English-style pub perfect for going out with friends after work, or to get some beers and grub while watching the local soccer.

A Surprisingly Good Time at a Hole In the Wall Bar

Saturday Night – Fonda de la 65 with San Juan (44) Many places that have been reviewed are joints that can be considered “hot spots”. ...

Medellin Drinking Guide: Beer, Aguardiente, Rum and Wine

Nightlife is Medellin's middle name. When the weekend rolls around, paisas know how to let loose, have a good time, and enjoy a drink....or...

Vibra Mi Tierra Beer and Music Festival

The popular artisanal brewery Tres Cordilleras is taking its fresh approach to beer culture one step further with the first annual Vibra Mi Tierra...

Happy Birthday 3 Cordilleras

The following is a guest post by The Art House - Medellin. It started off as a simple invite to a beer factory for...

Better Than Beer?

In my life, very,very few things can hold a candle to beer.  The beer in Medellin is not exceptional; not even the local micro-brew....

Charity Block Party

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I met Lily at the Exposiciones metro station and we took a taxi past the San Diego Mall on...

3 Cordilleras Brewery

Visiting 3 Cordilleras Brewery on a Thursday night in Medellin.