Swimming, Underwater Hockey and Other Water Sports

View toward Estadio from the metro station
View toward Estadio from the metro station.

After traveling for a few months around South America, I needed to do something for my aching body.  However, I became disenchanted when all I found were the outdoor concrete weights and the indoor gyms.

But then I found my little piece of heaven:  El Estadio; the best place for swimming in Medellin.

Location: “Estadio” Metro Station; between Calle 48 & 50 and Carrera 70 & 74

I was taking the San Antonio Metro to my apartment when I spotted a massive outdoor pool, and then another and another and another.  I believe there were 6 in total.  They were beautiful and mesmerizing.

The next morning I walked to El Estadio and made my way to one of the larger pools where men, women and children were practicing.  The pool was divided into sections, swimming and water sports:

  • Super beginners (ME!)
  • Advanced
  • Underwater hockey men and women – practice
  • Underwater hockey kids – practice
  • Underwater hockey games

And that was only 1 pool.  I introduced myself and they told me I can start whenever I am ready.

Free Swimming

  • Every day from 9 AM to 3 PM
  • You must take a swimming test first!!
  • Cost for swimming lessons:  44,000 COP ($25) for one class a week/month, 7 – 8 PM Monday – Thursday (beginners)
  • Because I was not expecting to find a pool, I did not have the appropriate swimwear with me. Underneath the stadium is a little shop that sells Speedo’s at a very good price as well as goggles, caps, fins and everything else you may need for the water.  The woman and her son behind the counter were extremely friendly and were excited to be helping me with my very poor Spanish skills.

Additional Information

Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is a sport that is played at the bottom of a pool, between two teams with six players in the water. Each player takes a basic underwater equipment: Hat, fins, mask and snorkel. The goal is to move the disk of lead on the bottom of the pool using the “stick” to enter in the opposing goals.

Training Schedule

Monday – Friday                   6 – 8 PM                   3 levels Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

Monday – Friday                   8 – 10 PM                   Expert

Saturday                                 10 – 12 PM               Games are played

  • You can go to the stadium and watch because they have big windows underneath the water so you can see what the players are doing

Synchronized Swimming

Medellin is known amongst the locals for synchronized swimming. Girls start training between the ages of 6 and 10 and they continue training and competing into their early 20’s.

FYI, I originally wanted to take synchronized swimming, but the trainers informed me that they do not have beginner classes for adults.  However, they are willing to give private classes.  So, if anyone is interested in synchronizing with me underwater, let me know!!

Water Polo

Training Schedule

Monday – Friday                8 – 10 AM and 6 – 8 PM

  • Cost is 50,000 – 80,000 COP ($28 – $45) per month
  • However, water polo is located at a different pool.  The address is Calle 32B with Carrera 66B.
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  1. Hey! I’m interested in playing water polo while i’m living in Medellin. Do you know if they have girls who play also? Also, do you have any info about the swim team?


  2. BEWARE! The Olympic swimming complex has completely changed its system You now have to register with a website inder.gov.co and then make a reservation for a time slot 48 hours later. You can’t book a new slot until the day of you first reservation, and again with a wait of 48 hours. They send you an email, but beware again; it may be a refusal, so make sure you read it. Then if you get an acceptance email you have to print out and sign the acceptance document!!!
    If you are happy to go through this process give it a try, but if you really can’t be arsed, go to the Belen Sports centre where you pay approx 7000 cop on a more normal turn up and swim basis. (There is a shallower pool next door which charges slightly less.) The nearest metro stop is Fatima, on the metroplus lines 1 & 2.