Solitaria – Alkilados ft. Dalmata


Another reggeaton video, another girl I’ve got a crush on. This is the first song I’ve heard from Alkilados, a reggaeton group from Colombia.

The title, Solitaria, literally translates as “solitary,” but “lonely” makes more sense in this context.

The song kicks off with these lyrics:

Por qué tan solitaria tú, tú
si él te hace sentir sola
el momento es ahora
rebélate, sin miedo libérate
y dame un call
que yo al rescate llegaré
Why are you so lonely? You?!
If he makes you feel lonely,
The moment is now,
Rebel; free yourself,
And go give me a call.
I’ll come to rescue you
So the whole song is about a guy trying to pick up a girl whose feeling lonely, and ignored by her boyfriend. Click here for the full lyrics and translation.
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