Fill Up on Brazilian Food at Amarelo Rodizio

This is what you'll be eating at Amarelo Rodizio.
You'll enjoy your meal here, whether you sit outside...
You’ll enjoy your meal here, whether you sit outside…

Writer’s note: This story is dedicated to my cousin Stefanie Suzuki and Gustavo Claro Alves of São Paulo, who got married about a week ago. Congratulations again, or as they say in Brasil, parabéns!

Riding the bus might be one of the best ways to get ideas for this blog, and it’s how I found out about Amarelo Rodizio.

I was at Parque Lleras, gathering information for another post, and then I took the 304 Comercial Hotelera bus back to Laureles. As we dove downhill on Calle 10A, I glanced to my right, to look at the small and inviting park to the right, and behind it I noticed a Brazilian flag.

I peered closer, so close that my breath would have fogged the glass had the window been shut, and I saw tables covered with blue cloths then I turned to one of my friends and said, “Look, there’s a Brazilian restaurant over there. I gotta try it.”

A week later, I did.

It was a Saturday, I think, and I decided to try it for lunch. I learned immediately that Amarelo Rodizio is a churrascaría, the kind of place that brings you one meat after another and sides such as beans and rice until you can eat no more.

My friend Laz and I chose to sit inside because there was another couple in the outside seating area and we wanted to give them their space. They were the only other people at the restaurant so the meat kept coming, faster than I could eat.

...or inside.
…or inside.

They had several types of beef, chorizo, chicken, fish, blood sausage, a couple kinds of pork, and grilled pineapple. Sides included Brazilian-style black beans (my favorite kind of beans), yellow rice, yucca, sweet banana, tomato ceviche and salad.

Laz killed one thing after another, unfazed by the meat massacre. I was struggling and next thing you know, I was full, and my plate still was too. It’s a good thing the restaurant allows you to take what you don’t finish home. I couldn’t do that at a similar restaurant in Washington, D.C.

The cost here is so much better too: 40,000 pesos (a little more than $22), compared to $55 at that D.C. spot. I guess if you have a big enough appetite, $55 is worth it because the food keeps coming until you ask the waiter to stop, but I don’t have that big an appetite.

The owner of Amarelo Rodizio is from Brazil, one of the waiters told me, but he didn’t know exactly what part, which city. I’m guessing it’s either Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but who knows, Brazil is so big.

The most important thing is, it’s as good as, if not better, than the churrascaría where I used to eat in South Florida, which most definitely is authentic, and much better than the chain-variety place in D.C.

This is what you'll be eating at Amarelo Rodizio.
This is what you’ll be eating at Amarelo Rodizio.

My one recommendation: drink a lot of water before you go, not only while you are there. I think I’ve mentioned before how much Colombians like their salt and it is especially evident when you eat at Amarelo Rodizio and you’re struggling to quench your thirst.

I drank six or seven glasses of water, I think.

That night, when it was time for dinner, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to eat. I couldn’t decide and took a peek in the refrigerator with the hope that something would come to mind.

I saw the to-go box from Amarelo Rodizio and smiled. I would get to eat delicious Brazilian food twice in one day.

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  1. How great – a churrascaria! I will have to try it next time I am in town to see how it matches up to ours here in Sao Paulo! One thing for sure the price is right- a decent rodizio here would cost you twice as much!!
    Beijos, Anita

    • Anita…

      Espero que você goste Amarelo Rodizio. Eu nunca fui a São Paulo, mas espero um dia. Então eu posso fazer uma comparação também.

      E se o meu português é ruim, me perdoe. Eu só comecei a aprender.

      Beijo 🙂