Sixttina Discoteca


By all accounts, Sixttina Discoteca in the RIO SUR mall is one of the hottest clubs in town. Want proof? Check out the video above when J Balvin performed there last November.

When I left Medellin in mid-2011, the Poblado mall was still very much under construction. The ground floor was complete, but the upper levels were relegated to construction workers.

Fast forward to mid-2012, and I’m taking the elevator up to the 7th floor with Ryan on a Friday night.

There’s still a large construction crane inside the building, working on the space that eventually became the city’s newest Bodytech, but several bars and clubs had since opened on the top floor.

Kukaramakara relocated from Barrio Colombia. Sixttina Discoteca opened, and above it, wrapping around the outer edges of the building’s 7th story, is the Delaire Sky Lounge.

I don’t recall the cover off-hand, but it was probably 20,000 pesos ($11), which is enough to put at the upper end of the cover charge spectrum in Medellin. Where cover charges are higher, you can bet drink and bottle prices are too.

Ryan and I entered the discoteca some time between 11 PM and 12 AM, as it was already crowded.

Sixttina Discoteca
Sixttina Discoteca

Sixttina occupies the rear of the RIO SUR Mall, which is semi-circular in shape. The floor plan follows the curve of the building, making the DJ booth at the center the focal point for everyone in the club. This is also where guest artists, like J Balvin and Reykon, perform.

As one American friend recently remarked, “it’s got a European feel.”

It was typical crossover music the night we were there, which is my preference. If it were electronica, I would’ve paid the cover just to write about the place here, not to actually hang out there for fun.

We grabbed a few Heinekens at the bar, which wraps around the outer perimeter of the floor, and took in the atmosphere.

And by that I mean we checked out the girls, of which there were plenty. Want proof? Check out the photo albums on the Sixttina Facebook page.

Big name performers, Halloween costume parties, and Colombiamoda kickoff events are just a few of the big nights Sixttina has hosted since opening its doors.

As Parque Lleras continues to open up to the masses, not only of foreigners, but paisas from around the city, those seeking a more sophisticated scene are filling discotecas like Sixttina.

Have you been to Sixttina? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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  1. I went to Sixttina last Friday with my cousin and two girls and had an awesome time. We got a table right by the DJ and danced all night. Good mix of reggeaton and electronica. Might have been a bachata or two thrown in there.

    Drink prices were very reasonable in my opinion when compared to NY prices where I’m from. Bottle of grey goose and a round of patron shots under $200 with gratuity included. Can’t really beat that!

    Also, I was blown away by the amount of hot women in the Rio Sur mall making their way up to all the bars and clubs. Never seen anything like it. I wanted to take pictures of all the girls but did not want to risk being the creep of the town. Can’t wait to go back, hopefully in December!

    • Grey Goose? I like your taste.

      I was at Rio Sur last night, and finally got to check out the other bars I hadn’t been to yet. Bangkok is too small, and we didn’t like the service and left before they even made our drinks.

      Next door (at the opposite end from the clubs) is The Attic, a larger bar with better service and more room to dance. It’s a nice option if you don’t want to pay the cover charges of the other clubs. A little more intimate, and they switched to almost all reggaeton as the night went on (I’m not big on electonica).

      The hot spots for nightlife are always changing. In 2010/11 it was Barrio Colombia. Then La Strada mall. And now Rio Sur mall. I’m not sure where else the party can migrate at this point.