September Hiatus

Looking back towards Miraflores, an upscale neighborhood by the coast, in Lima
Looking back towards Miraflores, an upscale neighborhood by the coast, in Lima

I’m going to be doing something highly unusual for me in the past 7 years, take a month-long break from writing new blog posts.

Instead, I am going to turn my focus to co-writing a travel guide to Lima, Peru, with my friend Colin Post of Expat Chronicles.

By devoting more attention to this project in the coming month, we both hope to publish the guide well before the end of the year.

I’ve already written and scheduled the last few posts from my business visa saga, and Ryan and Jennifer will continue to contribute on a regular basis.

I’ll still be active on FacebookTwitter, and Google+, and sending out the weekly newsletter.

Why Lima?

Between 2011-2012, I spent about 7 months total in Peru, and 6 of those months were spent living in Lima. I feel like I got to know the city well. I can’t imagine having spent any less time there, and could easily have stayed longer.

Combined with Colin’s knowledge from living in Peru for a much longer period of time, I think we’re both in a terrific position to publish a high quality travel guide.

What Lies Ahead in October

Once the Lima guide is on track to be published, I want to kick off a few new series ideas for Medellin Living. I think both of the ones I have in mind will provide a mix of entertainment and practical value.

Until then, here are my favorite posts from 2013 so far:


Restaurants and Food

Feria de las Flores


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  • Tarrao Underwear: 15 Minutse of Fun with Colombia’s Top Models
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Living in Colombia

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  1. David; Now I understand why you haven’t answered my emails. I too have spent first 6 months 2013 in Lima, supposedly for a woman. Got to know the city well from Cerritos, Baranca, Mira Flores, Jesus Maria, Comas, Los Olivos, La Marina, etc. I liked the people and food especially well. Didn’t care for the kamakazi taxi drivers or overal gritty look if Lima, lack of clean water and proper plumbing, but the people were charming. By the time you return I will be in Medellin. Hope by that time we can meet and have a few brews together. Looking forward to your Lima report. Good luck.
    And my best wishes to Holly who had such a terrible experience Uruguay. Chao

    • Hi Bill, I’m still responding to all my emails. If there’s something I haven’t gotten back to you on, please email me again and I’d be happy to help.

      Agree with everything you said about Lima. One of the things I appreciate about Medellin is how green it is, another is that the tap water is safe to drink, and tastes good too!