Moving Into a New Life In Colombia


My last few days have been filled with my quest to settle down in Medellin. Right now, I’m not even sure why I am so determined to be here. I can’t communicate with most people, and I really do miss my friends and family that are back in Idaho. Still, this city calls to me. Like there is something here just begging for me to find it.

I utilized couchsurfers to find a room to rent. Many people were very kind and helped me find the right spot. In the process, I met a few really great people with whom I hope I can have some grand adventures. I ended up in Envigado, with a guy from Virginia. At first, I was hesitant to move in with a gringo. I realized that because I don’t speak any Spanish, that some potentially bad situations could be avoided by living with someone that I could communicate with easily. Once I get a bit more settled, and learn at least some basic Spanish, I will revisit the idea of living with a Colombian.

The apartment we are in is extremely different from where I’m used to living, but so far I love it. The building is at the end of a small dead-end street. There is always music on, and the neighbors play board games in the street. There are a few large grocery stores about five minutes away, and there is a small store just down the street. (Though, I’m convinced there is a small store down the street from everywhere in Medellin.)

Right now, I’m getting ready to go camping with a few people that I met while finding my new place. It’s going to be quite a trip, with five people and two dogs. I’m excited to see if camping in Medellin is anything like the camping I used to do in Idaho. We would usually go out with a few cases of beer and plenty of marshmallows. Right now, everyone is keeping the plans a surprise for me.

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I love relaxing and enjoying the view of life. Whether the view is from the top of a BASE object, or from my balcony in Envigado, Colombia. I love life when it's up, and I'm trying harder to love life when it's down as well. My biggest loves in life are (in order!) Family, BASE, Music, Boys that play music, and Alcohol. I get along with everyone that doesn't take me too seriously, and with people that are ok with the fact that you should disregard almost anything I say when I'm drunk!



  1. I also liked Medellin. I stayed for a little over a month in June of 2009. Now, I’m ready to move back to Colombia but I’m leaning more towards Cartagena.