The Most Popular Posts of 2012


As we close the final days of the year, I wanted to share the most popular posts published on Medellin Living in the last 12 months.

1. Pablo Escobar Trailer: “Escobar, El Patron del Mal”

2. Bogota vs. Medellin: Choosing Where to Live in Colombia (by Brice)

3. What I Miss About Medellin (by Dave)

4. Medellin Apartment Rentals with (by Dave)

5. The Expat Life (by Dave)

6. First Person Account Medellin Hostel Violence, and How to Stay Safe (by Ryan)

7. La Feria de las Flores: 2012 Schedule of Events

8. Paisa Culture: 6 Observations on Life in Antioquia (by Ryan)

9. On Returning to Medellin After 12 Months Away (by Dave)

10. Caffeine Crazy: The Best Coffee Shops in Medellin (by Ryan)

I’d also like to give a big THANKS to Ryan for all the writing he’s done for this blog in 2012, and plans to continue doing in the new year.

In January, I’ll be releasing the 100% original Medellin Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an American Expat in Colombia. It’s the culmination of all I’ve learned and experienced in Medellin and Colombia since 2009.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!


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