Mi Mama Está Loca

Posing with La Mama Loca at Oz
Posing with La Mama Loca at Oz
Posing with La Mama Loca
Posing with La Mama Loca

The paísas prove every week that they are some of the most entrepreneurial people in the world.

Take my friend Juanes, for example. He decided he wanted to start his own business, something that could help his fellow paísas, so he started a local version of Groupon. It’s called Mi Mama Está Loca. The story behind the name: my mother is crazy because she’s offering you such great deals on everything from a night out at a nightclub or restaurant to discounts on clothes or purses.

There was a party this month to promote the new business, and I went. It was at Oz, a club near the southeast corner of Parque Lleras. Through the website, mimamaestaloca.com, my friends and I bought four passes, which came with a bottle of Guaro, for 70,000 pesos ($36). Just the bottle itself can cost about that much in a fancy place like Oz.

We got there around midnight and waited in line for 15 minutes. After showing the bouncers our invites — the email confirmation after buying our passes on mimamaestaloca.com — we went straight to the bar, to get our Guaro. I bought a beer too, to chase the Guaro. As I’ve said before, I don’t really like the taste.

Mi Mama Esta LocaThroughout the night, a woman would put on a white wig and funky glasses, to look like the woman on the Mi Mama Está Loca website. She would walk around through the club and take pictures with the guests.

I was busy talking to my friends. My friend Mauro and his wife Ana went to San Andres last month so I was talking to them about that, how beautiful it is there, how I would like to go some day.

I made new friends there too. They are from Europe, although I cannot remember exactly where. I think one was from Switzerland, one from Germany. I’ll find out the next time I see them.

Eventually, the time for talking was over. It was time to dance. The Reggaeton and Electronica were thumping in the background and we couldn’t just stand there anymore. It was a great way to celebrate a great business idea.

I signed up on the website so I get emails from Mi Mama Está Loca everyday. I get emails from the Colombia branch of Groupon too. It’s been only a few weeks that I’ve gotten both, but I already like Mi Mama Está Loca better.

First of all, Groupon is more mainstream. I like that Mi Mama Está Loca has more a local flavor. And second, even if I liked Groupon better, it wouldn’t matter. The one time I tried to buy something, I couldn’t the site rejected my credit card, and after checking my credit scores the other day, it’s pretty obvious that it’s the Groupon site that’s the problem, not my card.

I had no problems buying my passes to Oz on Mi Mama Está Loca. Two to three minutes, and I was done. I was ready for the party.

Juanes, unfortunately, did not make it. He was worn out from all the work he had done to get the business going. He even caught a cold. But from the looks of things, he’ll have plenty to celebrate in the future.

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