Medellin Living Party

Me and Lina
Me and Lina

Maira entrusted her apartment to me while she caught up with family and friends during the summer break, so I figured it was party time.

Well, it took a nudge from friend Martin to motivate me, but I’d been thinking about it already.

With only a few weeks left before I return home, it’d be silly NOT to host a party!

From left:  Joanna and Martin, Alejandra, and Paola
From left: Joanna and Martin, Alejandra, and Paola

I adopted the wine and cheese theme, and set about inviting people from all areas of my life here – Couchsurfing, the gym, my neighborhood, old and new friends, my dance studio, EAFIT University, and even the copy shop where I use to spend an ungodly number of hours on the internet before getting my own laptop.

Me and Andrea
Me and Andrea

A little after 9 pm, Martin and his girlfriend Joanna, arrived and were then followed by a steady stream of new arrivals.

The apartment is well furnished for a party, and there was enough space for people to be comfortable.

I used my laptop to supply the steady stream of music, along with Martin’s portable speakers.

It was perfect, as if it got too loud, I’d surely end up with complaints from the neighbors or a visit from the security guard.


There was enough room to even dance a little, which by now you know, is something I’m always keen to do.

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