Calle 9+1: Hipsters and Electronic Music

Melissa takes you through one of Medellín’s hidden clubs, Calle 9+1, known for its emphasis on electronica.

Buenos Aires: Underrated and Undiscovered

Ryan explores Buenos Aires, a comuna just east of downtown Medellin.

Carnaval de Negros y Blancos in Pasto

PASTO — The bus rolled into town when Friday was only 3 hours old and the city was quiet, at least my part of the city, and I could only wonder what I would see the next day. Would it be like San Agustín on New Years Eve? Better? It had to be better, right, […]

Feria de Cali: Celebration, Salsa and So Much More

CALI — Giuseppe got overzealous with the spray foam. He hit a little kid in the face. He felt bad and apologized. He didn’t realize revenge was coming. The caleñito, no more than 7 or 8 years old, eventually swiped the canister from Giuseppe’s hands and let him have it. A few moments later, Giuseppe […]

2017 Update: The Best Hostels in Medellín

Ryan shares his picks for the best hostels in Medellín, including Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel and popular stops such as Casa Kiwi as well.

Carmen: A Fun, Friendly Town in Colombia

Walk down Carrera 30 in El Carmen de Viboral, toward Parque Principal, and look to your right after you pass Calle 32. Look for a tiny bar, about the size of a walk-in closet. If it’s open, you’ll get the chance to meet one of the town’s friendliest residents. They call him Flaco. The skinny […]

My Goodbye Party At La Rumbantela

The festivities of the Salsa Congress concluded, I spent the next few nights seeing friends for the last time – going out to dinner with Milena and visiting Alejandra at her new apartment for home-cooked pasta primavera. She had an amazing view of the city from her balcony and I liked the way the sliding […]

Feria de las Flores Kickoff

For the first day of the Feria de las Flores (Flower Festival), a few new friends and I went to Parque de los Pies Descalzos to watch fireworks and see a live concert.  The fireworks were great, when I was watching the people.  I‘ve been told they are far less common than they are in […]

Medellin Living Party

Maira entrusted her apartment to me while she caught up with family and friends during the summer break, so I figured it was party time. Well, it took a nudge from friend Martin to motivate me, but I’d been thinking about it already. With only a few weeks left before I return home, it’d be […]

World Cup Qualifier: Colombia v. Argentina

Saturday’s main event for me and the majority of the Colombian and Argentine population was the World Cup qualifier match between the two countries. Colombia was a big time underdog. I took a cab to Parque Lleras, where I found the bars and restaurants screening the match had decorated with red, yellow and blue balloons […]