Celebrating Brazil at Teatro Matacandelas

Capoeira - the Brazilian mix of martial arts and dancing
Capoeira – the Brazilian mix of martial arts and dancing

Friday night, I met up with Alejandra and we went to Teatro Matacandelas in Centro for a celebratory evening of Brazilian culture.

The price of entry (about $8) included a caipirinha which was a nice way to get the party started.  We were not so much in the theater part of the venue, as that would entail regular seating.

Instead, we were in something of an auxiliary space, on the opposite side of the stage.

The decorations included lots of balloons, and you couldn’t help but get the school dance vibe from the setup of wooden benches along the perimeter of the space.  It was a much smaller theater than the others I’d been to in Medellin.

Martin, whose capoeira group would be performing at the event, arrived soon after, and we sat and talked as the theater filled up. Eventually, a bunch of couchsurfers arrived as well.  It is always nice to see familiar faces.

Around 10pm, the capoeira group began their demonstration.  They started out slow, eventually escalating into very rapid interactions and acrobatics.

It was an impressive show, and in such a small area, surrounded by people in low light with no matting to soften a fall.  Respect!

After the capoeira wrapped up, there was a short break, and then Ipanema took the stage.  Alexa said they were most definitely Colombian musicians, however they were singing in Portuguese (of course).

I know nothing of samba, and felt the siren call of salsa dancing at El Eslabon Prendido which was nearby.  So you guessed it, we left and spent the rest of the night dancing, and watching and critiquing the others there too.

All in all, another great Friday night out in Medellin!

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