Leaving Medellin For Bogota, Then Home

My favorite view from Mairas apartment
My favorite view from Maira’s apartment

I spent my last morning in Medellin recovering from my last night in Medellin.

I had purposefully booked a 3 pm flight to Bogotá on Avianca so I wouldn’t have to rush.

While it meant spending a night in Bogotá, I also figured it’d break up the traveling and give me a chance to meet an American couple who also keep a travel blog, I Should Log Off.

Saying goodbye to Maira
Saying goodbye to Maira

I had already packed my belongings, which amounted to little more than when I arrived – some new clothes, the HP laptop Allen helped me buy, and a cheap carry-on bag.

I left behind a few articles of clothes I’d hoped Maira could give away, a set of sheets, a bunch of throw pillows, and a few kitchen items she can hopefully make good use of.

Apartment bedroom
Apartment bedroom

I caught a taxi for the 50-minute drive to the airport.

It was a typically beautiful day, and I could feel the air temperature become noticeably cooler as we ascended out of the valley, and up in elevation about 600 meters.

It’s hard to get quality photos from a speeding taxi, but that has never stopped me from trying.

Leaving the Medellin valley behind
Leaving the Medellin valley behind

And then before I knew it, we were at Jose Maria Cordova International Airport.  It seemed just as small and provincial as I remembered.

I’d flown into the airport twice before from Bogotá – once when I first arrived, and the second time on my way back from Carnaval in Barranquilla.

It was my first time departing from it though.  I picked up a small souvenir “Pueblito Paisa” plate and easily made my way through security.

You can read more about the rest of my journey home on my around the world travel blog, Go Backpacking:

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