Introducing Ryan

Hanging out in Parque Lleras
Hanging out in Parque Lleras
Hanging out in Parque Lleras
Hanging out in Parque Lleras

Editor’s Note:  Ryan, who has contributed a few times already, will be taking over as the lead contributor for Medellin Living. Here’s a little background from the man himself.

The trip to Medellín just made the most sense. A roundtrip ticket from Washington, D.C., and a great deal on a hotel were too good to pass up.

Now I’m saying something similar, only this time I’m talking about staying for a long time.

After spending about a week in Medellín in May, I knew I wanted to move here. The friendly people, the perfect climate, the mix of a thriving urban culture and a neighboring beautiful countryside…that combination makes it the perfect place for me.

And the cost of living is very low. A city in the United States with all these amenities would be at least 10 times as much.

The trick is staying here. I’m working on getting a full-time job and a Visa, and I’m optimistic I’ll be able to find both. Time will tell, but I’m staying positive.

My goal is to have a well-rounded experience while I am here, to enjoy the big-city amenities such as the clubs and restaurants and museums, and the beautiful countryside getaways by relaxing at fincas or partaking in an outdoor activity such as horseback riding.

And I want to share these wonderful experiences with everyone reading this blog.

My hope is that you will find this informative and that it will motivate you to experience the Medellín area for yourself.

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Ryan is the former Managing Editor of Medellín Living.



  1. Sorry, but I always chuckle a little bit when I see a (fellow) gringo hanging out in sunglasses in Parque Lleras. All that’s missing is the upturned collar polo shirt.