International Tango Festival & World Tango Championships


In June 1935, one of the most prominent figures in tango, Carlos Gardel, died in a plane crash in Medellin.

In honor of Gardel, and the culture of tango, the city hosts an annual International Tango Festival every June.

And this year, it appears a competition, the World Tango Championships, is being hosted as well.

International Tango Festival

The annual International Tango Festival is a series of free events open to the public, including dance and music performances, as well as lectures. In 2009, I attended a free tango performance at Teatro Lido in Centro.

The majority of events in this year’s festival run from Friday, June 24 through Tuesday, June 28, 2011.  Click here to see a detailed schedule of events, including times and places.

World Tango Championships

In conjunction with the annual tango festival this year, Medellin is hosting  the World Tango Championships, however I suspect the name has to do more with clever marketing than absolute truth.

The competitions run from Friday, June 24th through Sunday, June 27th.  For scheduling details and ticket information, check out the World Tango Championships website.

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