Manrique: Grand Tango Homage, Gradual Progress

Comuna Manrique is synonymous with tango and Carlos Gardel, and someday it could become yet another symbol of progress in the redevelopment of Medellín.

Museo Casa Gardeliana: A Museum Dedicated to Tango and Carlos Gardel

A visit to Museo Casa Gardeliana, a small museum dedicated Carlos Gardel and the world of tango music, located in Medellín’s Manrique neighborhood.

Introduction To Tango

It’s the most famous dance in Argentina and known for its foot flicking moves. Dramatic, passionate and very technical, here’s an introduction to tango.

Carlos Gardel Tour: Discovering the History of Tango in Medellin

The Carlos Gardel Tour, offered by Zorba Travel, takes visitors on a journey to discover the history of tango in Medellin, Colombia.

Patio del Tango: Medellin’s Legendary Tango Bar

Patio del Tango is one of Medellin Colombia’s best known tango bars, featuring live music and dance performances every weekend.

International Tango Festival & World Tango Championships

In June 1935, one of the most prominent figures in tango, Carlos Gardel, died in a plane crash in Medellin. In honor of Gardel, and the culture of tango, the city hosts an annual International Tango Festival every June. And this year, it appears a competition, the World Tango Championships, is being hosted as well. International Tango Festival The […]

Book and Culture Festival

Medellin’s annual Book and Culture Festival (Fiesta del Libro y La Cultura) is currently running from September 10th through the 19th in the botanical gardens (El Jardin Botanico de Medellin). Entry is free, and the easiest way to get there is to take the metro to the Universidad station. One of my new Colombian friends, […]

We Love Carlos Gardel

One of the nice things about having traveled through most South American countries, and getting to spend big chunks of time in each one is that you start noticing and recognizing similarities between them. In the 18 months since I left Europe I’ve spent the most time in Argentina and Colombia, two countries that culturally […]

Tango Show at Teatro Lido

Visiting Teatro Lido for a free tango show during Medellin’s annual tango festival.