Staying at the Hotel Dann Carlton

Dann Carlton Hotel (photo: David Lee)
Dann Carlton Hotel

I have now been living in Medellín for nearly four years but before I started living here, I traveled to the city for shorter periods and stayed at the Hotel Dann Carlton several times.

I typically stayed at Hotel Dann Carlton when I was in Medellín for a few days. If I was in Medellín for a longer trip, I rented a furnished apartment.

Hotel Dann Carlton is located on Avenida Poblado in El Poblado, which is the most popular neighborhood in Medellín for foreigners visiting the city.

The pool at Hotel Dann Carlton
The pool at Hotel Dann Carlton

More About the Hotel

The hotel has a total of 200 rooms with five different types of rooms: Standard, Twin, Junior Suite, Suite and Suite Real. In 2011, the hotel remodeled its rooms.

Each of the rooms has a flat screen television and minibar. They also have free Wi-Fi available for customers in the hotel.

Hotel Dann Carlton is conveniently located about a five-minute walk from many restaurants and bars in Parque Lleras plus it is within walking distance to shopping along the Golden Mile (Milla de Oro) in El Poblado.

The hotel also has three restaurants, Spiga D’i Palermo (Italian), Tony Romas and Zaguan Del Patio (informal).

Tony Romas specializes in ribs and is a rotating restaurant at the top of the Dann Carlton with panoramic views of the city.

Hotel Dann also has locations in Barranquilla, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cartagena, Ibagué and Popayán.

A remodeled room
A remodeled room

My Impressions of Hotel Dann Carlton

I have stayed at several other hotels in Medellín and prefer the Hotel Dann Carlton as it is cheaper than some of the other upscale hotels Medellín. I have recommended the hotel to several friends visiting Medellín, and they also have liked it.

In my experience, the staff in Hotel Dann Carlton is friendly and helpful, and they have several staff members who speak English.

I also like the location close to the Parque Lleras nightlife district. The hotel is also within walking distance to the Oviedo and Santafé malls, which are located about a 10-minute walk away.

The revolving Tony Romas restaurant at the top of the hotel is a unique restaurant in Medellín with spectacular views of the city at night.

Tony Romas also specializes in romantic dinners, so it’s a good place for a special date – you can contact the restaurant to arrange a special flower arrangement at your table.

Note that the Hotel Dan Carlton located in Barranquilla also has a revolving restaurant, El Giratorio, which I’ve also visited.

Flower arrangement for a romantic dinner at Tony Romas
Flower arrangement for a romantic dinner at Tony Romas

Hotel Dann Carlton’s Prices

I recommend calling the hotel directly to make a reservation as you can sometimes find rates lower than found on some of the hotel booking sites.

It is best to have someone fluent in Spanish make the call, as they sometimes quote lower prices to Colombians speaking fluent Spanish. Also, check out the hotel website as they often run promotions.

In January, the Hotel Dann Carlton in Medellín had run a promotion of 202,240 pesos ($82) per night including taxes for a standard room including breakfast for a couple.

I checked for a week stay in late April and was quoted a rate of 298,217 pesos ($121) per night for a standard room for a couple, including breakfast, on the web site.

For a junior suite, the rate was 421,670 pesos ($171) per night.

Hotel Dann Carlton in Medellín fills up quickly for popular dates such as the Feria de las Flores (Festival of the Flowers) held in August and during the Christmas and New Years holidays.

I recommend making reservations well in advance for popular dates.

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  1. We are a big fan of the Dann Carlton too. The rooms, though a bit dated, are clean and the beds comfortable. The complimentary breakfast is better than most I have had in Colombian hotels, and the restaurant service is good. We often take advantage of the weekend special with our kids. They love the pool and steam room.

    The weekend special seems to be popular with all types. The hotel is definitely more occupied on weekends now than in years past. We see lots of families along with plenty of both straight and gay couples.

  2. VEry Nice place BUT I almost got killed by the pool area. There is an elevated ramp that heads from the hotel rear to the pool.
    At the end of the ramp It makes a 90 degree at the bottom BUT there is NO fence at end of the ramp and if you continue walking you will drop 3 feet !!!! which I almost did since the sun was in my eyes. The Hotel and Employees could not have cared less. Very typical attitude of Colombian Employees