Amazingly Crazy Days Of Flying


48 hours after waking up in Boise, I am finally rested and showered in Medellin. 
My flights got so screwed up.  First my flight from Denver to NY was delayed, which I actually welcomed.  Then the flight crew from NY to Ft Lauderdale was put on a mandatory rest hold by the FAA, so I didnt get into Florida until 1pm, which was when other flight was getting into Medellin.  So I had to change airlines and airports to get into Medellin. 
I had to take a bus to Miami, then fly to Bogota, then transfer to Medellin.  After a ton of confusion checking in at Miami, they said they put me on the best flight to get me to Medellin the soonest.  That was great, until I had to wait an hour to get my luggage at Medellin because it didnt make it on the same flight I did.
The actual flights were really fun, and I met some great people.  Three of them were from Bogota.  On the flight to Medellin, I met a man whole spoke very little English, but he proceeded to give me an hour long Spanish lesson nonetheless.  Way fun!
I havnt made it out of the hostel yet.  All the twisty roads are intimidating me!  Plus, Im still trying to figure out how to type on these Spanish layout keyboards.  I cant figure out how to type an “at” sign and an apostrophe.  Im sure Ill figure it out as soon as I ask for some help.
Right now, Im surprised Im feeling so alone.  Its because Im around so many people I cant speak with.  I am jumping on the learn-Spanish-now bandwagon.  It killed me not being able to speak with the Taxi driver on my way to the hostel.

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