3 Barrios On a Saturday Night

Meeting point
Meeting point

A reggaeton concert was set to occur in Parque Envigado last Saturday, which Martin and I learned about when we happened across a giant stage set up the night before.

I rallied people to meet us there at 8 pm, only to find out that the show ended around that time, rather than began.

So, on the church steps, Martin and I sat until David arrived, then Henry and a group of his friends including 2 American guys, Ellen from Holland, and Elena (Colombian).

The new plan entailed taxis to Carrera 70 and San Juan, near the stadium.  The girls wanted to dance, and I was looking for practice. The 2 American guys bailed at this point, which was better for the group dynamic anyways.

We regrouped after the taxi rides and had some beers at one of the many salsa bars in the area.  I danced with Ellen, but was thinking too much and got flustered.

It´s hard to be a beginner on the dance floor and see other more adept salsa dancers whizzing around you.

After talking for a while, we relocated to another barrio, Laureles, and a club named Underground.

It was in stark contrast to the salsa place.  Black-painted interior, loud, heavy rock music (both Spanish and English songs), and most everyone sitting at tables drinking (ok that part wasn´t too different).  The crowd was younger though.

It took forever to get a pitcher of beer, and being in the mood to try to meet some new people, and not seeing any prospects at the bar, I decided to meet up with Clint and Jamie in Poblado.

They were at El Pub de Octavia, which I really enjoyed on it´s opening night the week of Semana Santa.

Henry and friends
Henry and friends

I said goodbye to everyone and got a taxi across town.  Octavia was bustling, and I immediately appreciated the lower sound levels and brighter (but still ambient) lighting.

Clint bought us a round of beers, and in the interest of becoming a better dancer, I asked a girl who was near us for a dance.

She didn´t hesitate, and we danced for a song, only for me to find out her boyfriend was right there (I thought they were just a group of friends).

I started talking to him, and it turned out he was a doctor.  That´s the second doctor I have met at the bar in 2 nights there.

A friendly offering of Aguardiente later, Jamie, Clint and I made our way to La Octava which was also crowded, even at 2 am.

We hung out there for a bit, and I finally called it a night around 3 am.  The guys were sure to mention the fact that I always seemed to be going home the earliest!

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