The Ultimate Guide To Marriage, Prenups, And Marriage Visas In Colombia [3 Real Examples]

The ultimate guide to marriage, prenups, and marriage visas in Colombia.

How to Obtain a Cedula Extranjeria in Colombia

Jeff looks at how to obtain a Cedula Extranjeria or Colombia identification card, which is required after receiving a Colombian visa.

How to Obtain a Resident Visa in Colombia

Jeff looks at how to obtain a resident visa in Colombia and the requirements as well as how to obtain dual-citizenship in Colombia.

Marriage Visa: How to Get a TP-10 Visa in Colombia

A step by step guide to getting a TP-10 Marriage Visa in Colombia.

Volunteer Visa: How to Get a TP-6 Visa to Volunteer in Colombia

Ioana outlines the process for applying to get a volunteer visa (TP-6) in Colombia.

Final Push: Visa Application and Interview Process in Bogotá

Months of planning, dozens of questions, and over a thousand dollars spent on a legal fees, FedEx shipping, and travel had led me to Carolina’s cubicle at the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Bogotá. She was the gatekeeper, randomly assigned to review my business visa application, and decide 1) if I qualified for the visa, and 2) […]

Business Visa Update

Since announcing my pursuit of a standard business visa last month, I’ve had lots of people asking for updates on my situation. In the last two weeks since I shared the list of documents required to apply, I’ve run into some walls. One I can run around, the other I cannot. First, E*Trade won’t notarize […]

Documentation Required for a Standard Business Visa

In this latest installment of Dave’s series on obtaining a standard business visa in Colombia, he reviews the documentation he’s required to collect/submit.

The Decision to Pursue a Colombian Business Visa

After five years, I finally decided to move forward with an application for a Colombian business visa. This is the first post in a new series.

How to Get a Work Visa in Colombia

This is a guest post by Anthony Goeritz, updating instructions originally posted here in 2011. On 25th May 2013 I came back from Panama with a brand new Colombian visa glued in my passport. It wasn’t an easy process, especially given that most of the information you find online is either incorrect or incomplete and that […]