Video: Roads Less Travelled – Colombia


Roads Less Travelled - Colombia

I recently discovered Lonely Planet’s web show, Roads Less Travelled, and one of the recent destinations was Colombia:

Lonely Planet photographer Dominic Bonuccelli ignores the little voice in the back of his head and sets out down the road less travelled in South America’s most electrifying country – Colombia. Heading for the Caribbean Coast from the once-notorious city of Medellin, Dominic braves army roadblocks, kidnap warnings and gunslinging cowboys as he explores the glaciers of the Andes, gets his soul cleansed in a remote Indian village and puts on his dancing shoes for the world’s second-biggest Carnival.

Below are 2 clips: a demonstration of the Colombian game called Tejo (which I was completely unaware of), and a snippet of a Medellin band called Los Coffee Makers.

If you go to the Lonely Planet page and scroll down, you’ll see Dominic wrote up several more posts with photos about his experience in the country.

In particular, his visit to El Cocuy park where he climbed a glacier on a 5,000+ meter Colombian peak caught my attention.  It’s a trekking region/opportunity I’m looking into further.

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  1. Oh yes I’m familiar with that game, it’s more popular in some parts of the country than others. It reminds me of a similar game the French play in Provence, I forget the name, but it amounts to the same objective: throw a heavy metal ball into a very small target from a good distance away.

    Also, I sent you a message via your contact form on a little over a week ago and haven’t heard anything back, did you get it?