Vendiste App: Competing with MercadoLibre on Android


Have you ever bought or sold something on MercadoLibre, the Colombian version of Ebay? Worried about the other party’s reliability?

You’re not the only one. Colombians are naturally a bit hesitant to deal with someone they don’t know in person.

Seeing an opportunity to build a better bridge, two entrepreneurs have developed a new app called Vendiste. It works in a similar way to MercadoLibre as you can look up items and services.

However, in contrast to MercadoLibre, items are not shown only by relevancy, but more importantly, by the distance from you too. This encourages people to meet in person and stimulates local vendors.

The app has no payment mechanism, so transactions will have to happen in person and therefore likely by cash only. It will enable technology to support typical Colombians, and I feel it would fit very well in the Colombian culture.

The entrepreneurs Juan Jose Londoño and Ernesto García Montesano developed this app in less than six months, and the app has been downloaded over 10,000 times since its launch in July.

The entrepreneurs plan on turning this app into a money machine, by integrating non-intrusive advertisements among the items.

Vendiste is available for Android via the Google Playstore or

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