The End Discoteca

The End Discoteca
The End Discoteca in barrio Colombia
Outside The End Discoteca in barrio Colombia.

Editor’s Note: This discoteca has closed as of November 2013. A new one by the name of Cameo Theater Club has opened in the same location.

The End Discoteca is another in a long string of new reggaeton-specific clubs to open in barrio Colombia.

It lies figuratively, and physically, between Luxury and Prizma. All three clubs play similar music, are packed with pretty girls, and offer good drink service, so it’s mostly the door policies, floor plans, and capacities that differentiate the three.

Also, based on my experience, you’re much more likely to see foreigners in Luxury than Prizma or The End, which is probably because the latter two are situated on side streets, whereas Luxury occupies a highly visible corner location on Calle 43G.

The End Discoteca
Inside The End Discoteca

My first visit to The End Discoteca was with Team Medellin, otherwise known as Marcello, his young American friend Jack, Brendan, and Aussie Tim (just back from a stint of work in Angola). I met up with them around midnight on a Saturday. I think the cover was 15,000 pesos ($8).

The main floor is an open rectangular space with tables and stools. Because dancing to reggaeton involves little more space than is required to stand up against your partner, the setup in clubs like this is fine with me. In fact, it makes breaking the ice with people at nearby tables a little easier.

Running the length of the club on each side are VIP sections.

From right: Marcello, Ivon, and I
From right: Marcello, Ivon, and I

We all had a fun night out, and I would definitely return to The End again.

Luxury is a little too cramped, and Prizma on the cavernous side.

The End Discoteca is a fun, mid-sized club that fills the gap.

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  1. Saludos,
    Me gustaria poder comunicarme con los propietarios de la Discoteca The End.
    Mi nombre es Joaquin Belgodere y trabajo con Jamsha. Tengo entendido que se comunicaron con el manejador para llevar el artista a The End. No hemos tenido mas comunicacion.
    Por favor si se pueden comunicar. Nos interesa ir a Medellin.