Prizma Discoteca

Prizma Discoteca in Barrio Colombia

Prizma Discoteca in Barrio Colombia

Editor’s Note: This club has closed as of November 2013.

As Barrio Colombia fills up with more and more discotecas, there’s little room left on the main strip, Carrera 43G, to hold many more. This means a lot of the newer clubs, like Prizma Discoteca, have set up shop on side streets.

Unless you know to walk down one of these side streets, you’d never know a large and popular club like Prizma existed. And because it’s not in plain view to casual visitors, you’re less likely to find backpackers and other foreigners in them.

Like Luxury, Prizma Discoteca is reggaeton only, so if you’re looking to salsa dance, this is not the club for you.

Unlike Luxury, it’s huge, and the open space is a welcome relief. The club’s capacity is 700 people, and on the night I went with Marcello, Brendan, our Aussie friend Tim, Jessica, and my Colombian friend Angela, it felt full.

Late night reggaeton performance

A late night reggaeton performance inside Prizma.

Prizma’s popularity means it’s best to make a reservation in advance, via their Facebook page, instead of planning to show up on a Friday or Saturday night and expect to get in.

The first time we tried to go, they wouldn’t let us in, stating we needed a reservation. It’s possible this was because we didn’t have any girls with us.

On our second attempt, I did try to make a reservation by calling in advance, though I’m not sure it was ever documented. But we had a few girls with us, and got there earlier in the night (before 11 AM), so there were no issues.

We were led to the back, and given seats that overlooked the 70’s-era plexiglass dance floor. From there, the night unfolded with bottles of Absolut vodka and orange juice.

The crowd was on the younger side — most are probably college age students. The majority of girls made an effort to dress up in skirts and heels, while the men wear their typical t-shirt, jeans, and sneaker combo.

The guys loved the club, and while I enjoyed the atmosphere, 3-4 hours of straight reggaeton is too much for me, especially given we spent the prior night at Luxury.

Visiting the two clubs on back to back nights gave me a whole new appreciation for crossover clubs which mix up the genres of music.


Place: Prizma Discoteca

Address: Calle 25A, Barrio Colombia

Telephone: Cell: 300-517-9515




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  1. Pallavi says:

    Go Colombia…!!

  2. How much did the bottle of vodka cost?

    • I don’t recall offhand. Standard 750ml bottles of Medellin rum or Aguardiente are normally around 60,000 COP or $32. The Absolut would’ve been at least 100,000 COP or $53, probably closer to $60-65. When split amongst friends, it makes for a cheap night out. In addition to the vodka, I think we also had another bottle of rum or aguardiente that night.

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