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The Ultimate Guide to Medellín’s Parque Arví

Medellín is the perfect combination of urban sprawl and nature – the city’s famous orange buildings contrast with patches of green and attract culturists...

Guide to the Medellín Metro (2019 Update)

Following on from our Metro guide, here's extra updated information and tips for Medelliín transport 2019: Peak hours Considering how hundreds of thousands of people take...

2017 Update on Security in Medellín With Safety Tips for Expats

We look at security in Medellín including homicide statistics, crime statistics by neighborhood plus provide safety tips for expats.

Advice for Staying Safe in Medellín

Ryan gives us an updated post about staying safe in Medellín after hearing about recent stories from expats in the city. His common-sense tips can help you.

First-Person Account on Medellín Hostel Violence, and How to Stay Safe

By now almost everyone in Medellin knows the story. Or some version of it. New Yorker Dennis Levy, 58, resisted a robber and was killed...

Robbed in Medellin

Last Wednesday, I was robbed in Medellin while in a taxi heading west on Calle 33 to renew my tourist visa at the DAS...