Alborada and the Love-Hate Relationship Colombians Have With It

Every year, on the last night of November, Colombians celebrate the start of December with Alborada, a fireworks event.

Colombia Kicks Off December With A Bang!

Early last week, I got a tip from Mike that Envigado was going to be the epicenter of a big fireworks display to ring in December. I was already getting the impression that Christmas was a big deal in Medellin, but the night before December 1st holds no  significance in the USA. The idea that […]

Fireworks Open the 2010 Feria de las Flores

On July 30th, Troy and I headed to Parque de las Luces for the fireworks display to kick of the 2010 Feria de las Flores. Medellin’s biggest festival and street party of the year is a 10-day event, though the parades and most of main events take place on the two weekends. Admittedly, I was […]

Happy (Belated) 200th Birthday Colombia

I arrived in Medellin just in time for Colombia’s 200th anniversary. The Bicentenario, bicentennial, was celebrated just as we celebrate the independence of our country. Everyone shows their pride for Colombia by hanging yellow, blue, and red flags from their balconies, windows and cars. Colombian’s take a long weekend and spend time with friends and […]

Bang, Bang…It’s December!

Nothing marks the beginning of the Holiday season better than the incessant crack of fireworks.  If you’re in Medellin from the end of November, through the holiday season, you are bound to get an earful of the loud bangs that sing through the city completely randomly through the night.  I, personally, am totally over it.  […]