Saturday, August 5, 2023
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Alborada and the Love-Hate Relationship Colombians Have With It

Every year, on the last night of November, Colombians celebrate the start of December with Alborada, a fireworks event.

Colombia Kicks Off December With A Bang!

Early last week, I got a tip from Mike that Envigado was going to be the epicenter of a big fireworks display to ring...

Fireworks Open the 2010 Feria de las Flores

On July 30th, Troy and I headed to Parque de las Luces for the fireworks display to kick of the 2010 Feria de las...

Happy (Belated) 200th Birthday Colombia

I arrived in Medellin just in time for Colombia’s 200th anniversary. The Bicentenario, bicentennial, was celebrated just as we celebrate the independence of our country. Everyone...