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Where to Find the Best Christmas Gifts in Medellín

December is the month to dote on your loved ones and splash out on a few presents. No matter how far away in the...

San Javier: Safety, History & Demographics (2019 Update)

San Javier (Comuna 13) is a mostly residential, lower income area occupying the hills at the western edge of Medellín, Colombia.

Things to Do in Medellín on Wednesdays

Wednesday. The day before Thursday, which is the day before Friday, and therefore a sign that you’re close to the end of the working...

Free Things to Do in Medellín

Medellín is packed with tons of exciting activities to keep visitors entertained – from picturesque parks, cultural museums, salsa dancing, community tours and a...

The History of Medellín

Medellín’s past is filled with rich culture and significant transformations. Colombia’s second-biggest city is no stranger to turbulent times, however, Medellín’s ability to recover...

Comuna 13 Graffiti Tour: Amazing Street Art and Much More

The Comuna 13 graffiti tour is more than just street art. With its street food, accessible local artists, and offbeat shopping, it offers surprising insight into this vibrant, revitalized Medellin neighborhood.

Donating a Roof in Comuna 13

For every tour sold in 2015, the Medellín City Services® Foundation has saved one dollar to go toward a social project in Comuna 13.

Palenque Tours: Medellín’s History of Transformation

To tell Medellín's story from the Pablo Escobar-era to the present day, German-owned Palenque Tours created the Medellín's History of Transformation tour.