Best Bus Routes in Medellín

Ryan, who often uses public transportation, will tell us about the best bus routes in Medellín, the ones foreigners can use to get to the city’s best spots.

Domestic Air Travel Made Easy

The more time I spend in Colombia, the more I begin to appreciate how easy and inexpensive the domestic air travel is in the country. In 2009, I experienced my first 25-minute flight from Bogota to Medellin, and later flew back to Medellin from Barranquilla after celebrating Carnival. By bus, both those trips can easily average […]

Buses in Medellin

Buses in Medellin are definitely the way to go. I was afraid to take them when I first arrived because I didn’t know how they run and didn’t know where they go or how to ask for information.  But with a little help from a few locals, it has become one of my favorite adventures. […]

6 Tips for Coping with Colombian Buses

One thing which can’t be avoided when traveling round Colombia is the Colombian bus. Before coming here I had done the majority of my bus travel in Argentina where the buses are truly the cream of the crop and the humble backpacker is spoiled for quality and choice. Colombia (like most of South America to […]

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Transportation in Colombia (Part 2)

In my last blog I talked a bit about transportation within the cities of Colombia. However, travel in Colombia is about so much more than just staying put in one place, so it’s essential to find the most efficient, cheapest or sometimes quickest ways to travel around the country. Buses For most Colombians, buses are the […]

A Few Insights Into The Colombian Culture

This is truly my first time traveling outside of the United States, so I’m noticing quite a few things about Colombian culture that are different to me. These things are definitely not bad, and mostly entertaining. The most fun, definitely, is: Most drinks are sold in bags. You can find water, juice, and milk sold […]

Public Transportation: Metro, Buses, and Taxis

I am very fond of the public transportation here. The Metro The Metro is extremely easy to use, as long as you pay attention to where the train you’re getting on doesn’t stop. Getting on the wrong train isn’t a big deal.  You can get off, and on the right one, without a fee or […]

Read “Dave’s Guide to Medellin Buses” in July’s Arepa

When I met Robin back at The Arepa’s launch party at Melodie Lounge, I pitched a humor piece to him about the experience of riding Medellin’s city buses as a foreigner.  Fast forward a few weeks and it’s in the new July issue of The Arepa. The magazine can be picked up at the city’s […]

Brokebus Mountain

The return trip from paragliding became its own little adventure. First, we waited by the side of the road to hail a bus heading back to Medellin. Once on the bus, Martin took a seat near the front while Clint and I found two adjacent seats near the back where we found ourselves surrounded by […]