Santo Baile’s Halloween Party

Mayra being spun by Adrian
Mayra being spun by Adrian
Antonio, flanked by a student to the left, and a teacher, Juliana, to the right

Last Friday night, I went to my first Halloween costume party of 2013 at the dance studios of Santo Baile.

My costume of choice was a pair of Japanese pajamas ninja outfit, which I had hoped would be comfortable but turned out to be a little tricky to dance in due to the long sleeves.

No matter, there were plenty of other cool costumes to take my mind off what I was wearing.

Juliana, one of my teachers, was dressed as the Queen of Hearts, and Mayra, the studio’s Director, was dressed as a belly dancer.

Mayra being spun by Adrian
Mayra being spun by Adrian

In typical gringo style, I arrived at exactly 10 PM, a good half hour before everyone else started to file through the front door.

It was BYOB, so I cracked open a cold Pilsen to help pass the time.

Luckily, my friend Colin and his girlfriend also arrived early, so we sat and talked until more people showed up.

Halloween cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes (photo: David Lee)

As the room began to fill, Mayra insisted I eat a cupcake. It had Oreo cookies baked into it and was awesome.

Later that night, after a few more beers, I snarfed down a second one.

Andrew busts a move
Andrew busts a move

I met a bunch of new readers, which was a surprise, like Fred from Switzerland.

I finally had the chance to talk with Andrew from LA, who’s behind the site Medellin Buzz, after seeing him my last two times at Luxury.

And then there was Joel, who was kind enough to allow me to share his photos here, as most of mine came didn’t come out well.

Having a laugh with Juliana, one of my teachers
Having a laugh with Juliana, one of my teachers

I had the chance to dance with Juliana and Mayra several times, which was fun, including one bachata song with Juliana.

Despite being in a room of fellow dance students, I still felt shy busting out my Cali style salsa moves, and instead reverted to my usual LA-style moves.

Yul and Mayra
Yul (left) and Mayra. Watching these two dance was inspiring.

Overall, I had a great night out and want to thank Mayra and Santo Baile for putting on the party. It offered a more casual atmosphere to the bars and discotecas, all of which can get too crowded on a Friday or Saturday night.

To see Yul and Mayra dancing Cali style, check out the video below. To see more party photos, check out the album on Santo Baile’s Facebook page.

And if you’re not already taking dance classes at Santo Baile, what are you waiting for?

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All photos (except the cupcakes) courtesy of Joel Duncan Photography.

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  1. David, I sure envie you and miss seeing the beautiful women there and the people in general that tend to be warm and friendly. Oops (envy)