Where to Find Halloween Costumes in Medellin

Carnaval and Fantasia
Carnaval and Fantasia in Laureles
Carnaval and Fantasia
Carnaval and Fantasia in Laureles

Halloween may only be a few days away, but there’s still time to buy or rent a costume.

Last week, I went to Carnaval & Fantasia in Laureles to look for one.

I’m not a huge dress-up-for-Halloween guy, but I’d been invited to a dance party at the Santo Baile studios, and wanted to show some holiday spirit.

The costume shop is located on the second floor, and it was a busy beehive of activity, with paisas searching for the perfect costume to wear to the upcoming weekend’s worth of parties.

According to the woman who assisted me, one of the most popular choices is the hippie-era 60’s outfit, which is odd, because I don’t remember seeing a huge number of hippies at the Halloween parties I went to in 2010.

I wanted something subtle, easy to dance in, and lightweight. I settled on a Japanese-style button down black shirt with red embroidered pattern, and black pants.

The cost was 40,000 pesos ($21) to rent, plus 20,000 peso ($11) deposit. I rented the costume on a Tuesday, and it was due back by Saturday, but I was a few days late, and lost the deposit. Oops.

As was evident the time I went to a Halloween party at Mango’s, the girls here love to dress in sexy outfits.

For that reason, I’ve included one of the city’s best known adult shops in the list, which no doubt does banner business this time of year.

The costumes they stock, from Snow White to the Sexy [Insert Any Profession] are suprisingly affordable, starting around $30.


Usados la 10, Calle 10 (between Av. Las Vegas and Parque Poblado, I believe)

Tienda Cereza (adult store), Calle 10 #34-03


Carnaval & Fantasia, Carrera 77 #39-68

Tienda Cereza (adult store), Transversal 39B #77-61


La Minorista (second-hand clothes), Calle 55A #57-80


Disfraces Matrioska, Calle 54 #46-56, Piso 2


Do you know where to find Halloween costumes in Medellin?

Add your recommendations in the comments below, and I’ll include them in the list.

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  1. My room mate and I went to el centro yesterday and just picked up a few accessories from the cheap shops. We are having a big party in the hostel here. I have my burlesque costume with me and it’s all black so will be wearing that with my accessories.

    • There aren’t a lot of second hand stores, I don’t know of any off hand. And it’s also going to be hard finding shoes in your size, it’s a common problem for tall expats here. Better to bring them or order from abroad.