Room for Rent in My Poblado Apartment

Poblado apartment

*** UPDATE***  The extra room in my apartment is NOT available.  *** UPDATE***

The kitchen (with Wilson pictured).
The kitchen (with Wilson pictured).


October 1, 2013. Preference given to long term commitments.

The Room, Apartment & Building

  • The room is currently unfurnished, however if needed, Wilson will buy a bed and TV.
  • Gorgeous 20th floor views from both your room and the balcony.
  • Dependable high speed Wi-Fi Internet.
  • Use of the washing machine.
  • Facilities include a pool, sauna, small gym, and security at the main entrance.
  • All visitors are announced by phone via the security desk.
  • The building includes a few small 7-11 type convenience stores with food staples, alcohol, etc. There is also a small place to get your hair and nails done.
  • Our building is called Torre del Rio (part of the “Ciudad del Rio” complex, which is all you have to tell any taxi driver to get you home).


  • Ciudad del Rio is located in El Poblado, the city’s most upscale neighborhood.
  • The development includes several apartment buildings, Medellin’s Modern Art Museum, parks, a skateboard bowl, Bonuar Restaurant, several cafes, and ATM machines. There are always lots of visible security guards in the complex.
  • 10 minute walk to either the Poblado or Industriales metro stations.
  • 10 minute walk to Exito Poblado near the metro station.
  • 10 minute walk to Premium Plaza mall (Carrefour supermarket, Bodytech gym).
  • 15 minute walk to studio I use in Patio Bonito where you can take salsa lessons.
  • 20 minute walk or 5,000 COP taxi ride to Parque Lleras.
  • 20 minute walk or short bus ride to EAFIT University.


The main rule of the apartment is to have respect for the other people, and their belongings. Friends, overnight guests, girlfriends, and boyfriends are all welcome and they too should be respectful.

No hard drugs or prostitutes. If you smoke, it’s preferred you do so on the balcony.


Wilson buys groceries twice a month, so if you give 50,000 COP every two weeks then you can enjoy some of his famous Colombian cooking. Seriously, if it weren’t for his cooking, I’d be living on cereal.


600,000 COP per month, with a minimum stay of 1 month required. This is roughly $310 (USD).

Rent includes all utilities (broadband Wi-Fi Internet, electric, gas, water, cable TV, local phone).  It is due on the 1st of each month.


Please send me a message here with any questions, or to schedule a viewing.

*** UPDATE***  The extra room in my apartment is NOT available.  *** UPDATE***

The available room is the same size as the one pictured above.
Plenty of closet space for your belongings.
Shared bathroom
Shared bathroom
View of Medellin from bedroom window
View of Medellin from the bedroom window.
View down to the pool.
View down to the pool.
Living room
The living area and balcony. The furniture pictured has been replaced by newer stuff. (We no longer have a dog)
Dining area / my work space. The plastic table is temporary.
Dining area / my work space. The plastic table and chairs have been replaced with a nicer, glass table.
The pool is on the 3rd floor.
Apartment gym
The apartment facilities include a small gym with spin bikes, a treadmill, and a universal weightlifting station.
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  1. This is very well put together and very detailed.I have heard wonderful things about this city.I will pass this along to some of my friends who are looking to spend some time in this area.Thanks for a good job!

  2. Long-time resident of Medallo here. I’ve lived in a lot of places and this looks very nice. The location is good (if a little lower on the mountain than I prefer) and this looks like a great deal. Judging by the infiormation available here, this seems like a nice place to live.

    • Hey George, while the apartments higher up the mountains have better views, I liked that this location was an easy 5-10 minute walk to the metro. No going up and down hills to get there.

  3. Hey, my name is Dale and I am very much interested in this apartment. Please e-mail me back as the e-mail given on this posting does not seem to be working.


  4. I will be in Medellin August 15th and looking for a clean room. I am neat, no drugs, steady income, and easy to get along with. Please let me know of any leads, thanks guys

  5. Hi was looking for a room from next week around the 7th April for a minimum of 2 months depending on visas more probably.. Is the room still available, would only need a bed wouldn’t require tv. Thanks Andy

  6. Hi Dave – we met last week briefly at a sushi place! I’m looking for a place at the moment, would we be able to talk about this? Cheers, Andrew

  7. Hi, I’m Tyler. Planning on going to Medellin in January 2014 for about 2 1/2 months. Is it safe to say that the room will be occupied by then, if it’s not already?


  8. Hi Dave

    Is the room still available? I thought it was taken last time I looked, but maybe it is available again. I wasn’t going to look for an apartment until the new year but currently in a 10 bed dorm which is pretty much full every night through the Christmas period. Kind of over inconsiderate people! I’ll be starting a job in January and need to be based in El Poblado. If this isn’t available, if you hear of anything in El Poblado would appreciate hearing.

    I’m going to Ole Ole tomorrow night so can chat then if you like.


  9. Hola, my name is George I’m looking for a room in Medellin for several month’s while I study Spanish.
    February through April. can you help?

    • Hi George, my room is no longer available. You may want to check, Craig’s List Colombia, and/or Airbnb. It’ll probably be easier for you to pick a room you like once you arrive in Medellin. You could plan to spend a few days in a hostel or hotel while looking around.

  10. Hello,
    I am traveling to Medellin in the first week of January. Is there any availability. I am an IT Professional working for a MNC in India, traveling to Medellin for a project and will be living there for at least 6 months.

    Please advice.