Daily Life in Envigado

Woman in an Envigado market
Before entering an Envigado market, Troy challenged us to get a portrait photo. Normally I’m too shy to approach people and get close-ups, however I caught this woman’s attention after she watched Carolina taking photos of a mother and baby.

Envigado is the city immediately south of Medellin (and still along the metro line).

One Saturday afternoon in September, Troy from FOGGOdyssey lead a photo safari to capture photos of Envigado.

It was the same neighborhood I lived in last year, so the territory was familiar.

We were joined by Gerard and his girlfriend Ruby from The Art House, and Colombian friend Carolina.

There were 3 DSLR’s in action, while I was wielding my fairly new Canon PowerShot S90.

Hanging out with other people serious about photography has been a great learning experience for me this year.

Fresh chorizo
Fresh chorizo hangs on display.
We watched these fishmongers cutting up giant grey fish with a bandsaw.
Green beans and potatoes at a local market
Green beans and potatoes at a local market
A woman selling avocados in Envigado
A woman takes a break from selling avocados on the sidewalk.
Billiard hall in Envigado
Billiard halls are the clear domain of men in Colombia. In the background, you can see a row of video slot machines, and Carolina and Troy snapping photos of the action.
A little bus zips through town
A little bus zips through town.
And old VW 1600 Variant
And old VW 1600 Variant. I like this photo because the car dates back to the 1960’s, and a little bit of the woman’s shirt was reflected back in the paint.
Relief outside the Envigado library
This relief was positioned above the entrance of the Envigado library.
Envigado church
On the weekends, Parque Envigado in the center of town is a popular place to hang out with friends and family. In Colombia, big cities and small pueblos alike feature a central park and church.
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    • Thanks Ayngelina! The only other time I’ve taken close-up people shots like the woman in Envigado was in Rwanda earlier this year when I was traveling with 2 professional photographers. Confidence in numbers!

  1. Beautiful photos, interesting subjects, very nice work. Have you ever had issues with your cameras and thieves? Do you have to be careful about when and where you take it out?


    • I had my Blackberry stolen by a pickpocket, so I’m more careful with my new phone, and camera now. I often leave my camera at home when I go out drinking at night because I don’t want to have to worry about it.