Party Like A Paisa at Tutaina Tuturuma

Tutaina Tuturuma
Tutaina Tuturuma

Tutaina Tuturuma opened its doors in October 2008, and in the process, brought a taste of the typical pueblo atmosphere to Barrio Colombia.

Like Dulce Jesus Mio in Las Palmas, and La Tienda in Envigado, Tutaina Tuturuma is a discoteca designed in the form of a Colombian pueblo.

The atmosphere at all of these clubs is always festive, as if the paisas can’t get enough.

Then again, seeing farm tools and Colombian cowboy hats on the walls isn’t too unusual here, though Westerners, especially the city dwellers, might find it interesting.

Outside Tutaina Tuturuma
Giddyup (from left): Marcello of Wandering Trader, Gareth of Tourist 2 Townie, and me.

I’d been wanting to check out this club since 2010, when I started walking through Barrio Colombia to get to my gym at Premium Plaza.  The whole facade of the building is painted yellow, so it’s hard to miss the place.

Along with Marcello, Gareth, Jeff, Ana, Angela and others, we descended on the club and ordered a bottle of rum we really didn’t need by then (Exhibit A: the above photo).

Inside discoteca Tutaima Tuturama
The party atmosphere inside discoteca Tutaima Tuturama.

The cover was about 10,000 pesos ($5) and the place was packed, even after 1 am, though by 3 am it had thinned out noticeably (closing time was 4 am I believe).

A small stage in front of the faux church facade played host to musical performances, and women from the crowd getting up to dance in semi-unison.

Dancing on chairs is often the norm at such a late hour, and despite the wobbly wooden ones we were sitting on, it’s rare to see girls topple over.

On the other hand, my Canon S90 camera did manage to take a nasty fall near the entrance, when someone had suggested a waitress take a group photo when we first walked inside.

I don’t think it was totally her fault, someone from our party bumped her and the camera fell as a result.

Shit happens, but my mood dropped as my camera, less than a year old, hit the concrete floor.

The waitress apologized profusely, as my head was probably turning 3 shades of pissed off, but I did my best to not let it ruin the rest of the night.

The late night crowd at Tutaima Tuturuma
The late night crowd at Tutaima Tuturuma. Are those farm tools on the wall? Yes, yes they are. Welcome to Colombia!

Luckily, the camera was still functioning properly, though the casing is dented open and it’s only a matter of time before dust or condensation wreak havoc on the inside.

Back to discoteca Tutaima Tuturuma, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and offers a typical paisa atmosphere, which you can find elsewhere in the city, but not within the few square blocks that is Barrio Colombia.

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