1910 Revolucion Mexicana

1910 Revolucion Mexicano
Inside the stylishly designed 1910 Revolucion Mexicano.

Editor’s Note: As of January 2013, this restaurant is closed.

In my new and ongoing effort to discover the best restaurants in Medellin, I invited my friend Marcello to 1910 Revolucion Mexicana for his birthday. Located in Poblado, the restaurant is adjacent two others on the ground floor of a building; they all share a common, covered terrace, thereby offering diners an al fresco seating option.

One of the reasons I picked 1910 Revolucion Mexicana for dinner was the photos I saw of the interior design on their website. The bright pinks and purples broadcast a modern, sophisticated design that immediately sets the restaurant apart, and I knew that was a good sign for the Mexican food as well.

In person, I noticed that the kitchen is located on the second floor, above the bar. A glass-enclosed dumbwaiter located in the back right corner is used to send food down to the wait staff.

I arrived before Marcello, and tipped the waiter off that it was my friend’s birthday.

Chicken with Chipotle and Tamarind Sauce
Chicken with Chipotle and Tamarind Sauce

We took our time reviewing the menu options, which include all the classic Mexican dishes such as tacos, quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, moles, and more.  There are enough options to suit any budget, with an average appetizer priced around 14,000 pesos ($7) and entrees priced around $21,000 pesos ($11).

For tequila lovers, there is also a wide array of options on the drink menu. Seeing as how it was a Monday, Marcello and I both opted for fresh mango juice.

I chose the Chicken with Chipotle and Tamarind Sauce, which was beautifully presented on a square white plate, and included a few deep fried tortilla rolls. It was the flavorful, and slightly spicy sauce, that made the dish of course.

The cutlery, like the rest of the restaurant’s design, is decidedly modern. Unfortunately, the shape of the fork and knife worked against me. They looked nice, but the curves were exaggerated and made them hard to hold. I realized cutlery is one detail where I prefer simplicity.

Fajita fixings
Fajita fixings

Marcello went with fajitas, which were also well presented with the typical beef, peppers, onions, cheese, bean sauce, and fresh salsa and guacamole.

After we finished the entrees, the waiter brought over a flan with a candle in honor of Marcello’s birthday.  We also ordered cafe con leche, which always seems appropriate being that we’re in a major coffee producing country.

Earlier, I’d seen one of my favorite desserts on the menu, Volcan de Chocolate (chocolate volcano cake) and knew I’d be ordering it as well. Because it takes some time to prepare, we ended up waiting another 15 minutes or so after the flan was finished.  It was worth the wait, though, as the chocolate cake was baked perfectly, and oozed melted chocolate once I dropped the fork into it.  Combined with the vanilla ice cream, it was a chocolate lover’s heaven.

[Tip:  If you know you’ll want the volcano cake for dessert, I recommend ordering it along with your entrees so you can give the kitchen a head start on preparing it, which should cut down on the wait time.]

Chocolate volcano cake with vanilla ice cream
Chocolate volcano cake with vanilla ice cream

Our total bill for two juices, entrees, and one dessert with tax and a standard 10% tip came to about 60,000 pesos ($33).

Between the ambiance and high quality food, 1910 Revolucion Mexicana is well worth the price.

I’m already looking forward to trying the Chicken Mole when I go back.


Editor’s Note: As of January 2013, this restaurant is closed.

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  1. That pace looks sick (a little empty though…) and the food looks amazing. Just stumbled across your blog — cool stuff man!

    • Hey Nicky, thanks for stopping by. It was a Monday night, which explains the lack of people. I’m sure they get a good crowd on the weekends.

    • Hey Nicky, it was a cool spot, but unfortunately, it closed as of Jan 2013. I think it was suffering from a bad location….hoping to see it open up somewhere else in the future.