Introducing the New Team at Medellín Living

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As Medellín’s star continues to rise, so to do our ambitions here at Medellín Living.

What began as a personal blog documenting my experiences getting to know the city and paisa culture in 2009 has grown into the de facto source of online information for people around the world researching and planning a visit, move or retirement to the City of the Eternal Spring.

In order to better service you, the reader, I’m excited to announce the addition of seven new writers who will be contributing original stories on a weekly basis, for the next three months.

This is a grand departure from my original plan to hire one new writer, but I couldn’t help myself. The more people I interviewed, the more I realized I wanted to work with each and every one of them.

As you’ll see below in the introductions, we have a diverse group, including two Colombians (Andrew and Melissa), two Americans, a Brit, a Scot and even a Romanian.

This diversity in perspectives, interests, opinions and backgrounds will only serve to enrich Medellín Living going forward.

Andrew Macia (Sr. Sales Consultant / World Cup Correspondent)

Andrew MaciaOriginally from Bogotá, Andrew grew up in Los Angeles. He returned to Colombia three years ago, choosing to live in Medellín, where he works doing website development and marketing. Andrew is the man behind Medellin Buzz, a fun approach to encouraging Colombians to learn and practice English.

Ioana Calin (Writer)

Ioanna CalinIoana is a coffee lover from Romania who moved to Medellín this past February after taking a job as the Community Manager for Interactuar, a Social Development Corporation (NGO). She has a personal blog where she writes in her native language, as well as in English as it relates to her move to Colombia.

Melissa Clark (Writer)

Melissa ClarkMelissa was born in Florida and moved to Medellín at the age of 13. She is an Industrial Design student at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, who loves photography, traveling and food.

Lisa Eldridge (Writer)

Lisa EldridgeLisa is a British travel writer (Girl about the Globe) and self-confessed travel addict currently living in Medellín. Her background in the travel industry fueled her passion to see the world and since the age of 21, she has travelled extensively as a solo traveller, living and working in numerous countries.

Nick Milne (Writer)

Nick MilneNick is originally from Scotland, but spent much of his life in England. He’s spent the last six months working in Medellín as a Partnerships and Fundraising Manager for an NGO that helps miners improve their social and environmental practices. Previously, Nick worked as a Luxury Travel Consultant.

Jeff Paschke (Writer)

Jeff PaschkeJeff first discovered Colombia back in 2006 and has traveled to all the major cities in the country. He is fortunate to have a job in the U.S. with location flexibility, which has allowed him to spend the last three years living in Medellín. He is also studying Spanish to become fluent.

Ryan Shauers (Writer)

Ryan SRyan is a former Washington, D.C. desk jockey that left behind the working life at the end of 2012 to explore more of the world. He’s been exploring all that Colombia has to offer since the beginning of the year, and currently resides in Medellín. You can read about his travels at Desk to Dirtbag.

Larry Rose (Writer)

Larry will be contributing a new monthly series, Great Music in Medellín, which will focus on classical and jazz performances. Larry is a retired geologist and science educator living in Medellín. You can find his personal blog at

What Does This Mean for Medellín Living?

We’ll continue to produce the same high quality stories you’ve come to expect, only now our efforts will be multiplied.

This will allow us to cover some of our known blind spots, as well as better cater to reader requests for more information on specific subjects.

With each writer contributing one story per week, plus weekly stories from Ryan Hiraki (Managing Editor) and myself (Editor-in-Chief), there’s going to be a short term doubling of the number of stories published per week.

If you’re interested in making a donation toward this effort, head over to our Patreon page to learn more. It’s completely voluntary, and all money raised is re-invested back into the site.

Everyone is excited to get started, and you can expect to see these names in the bylines as early as tomorrow, when Andrew introduces us to Colombia’s 2014 World Cup team.

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  1. Wow David, Medellin Living has grown so huge. Also great to see other fellow expats living in Colombia. I can not wait to see some of the new articles coming from some of these new writers. This seems like a huge step. Congrats to Medellin Living and congrats to the new writers 🙂

  2. Congratulations to David and his team ! Great professional job you guys have made so far ! As a paisa from Medellin, this makes feel praud of my city. This is the kind of foreigners we welcome and we like to help to !… I hope you enjoy your life in MDE and wish great success in your projects 🙂

  3. This is fantastic news David! This is huge! Even thought I no longer live in Medellín this is still one of three blogs that I follow regularly. I look forward to all of the updates.

  4. Dear Dave,
    I have been a long-time reader of Medellin Living, and enjoy learning about all aspects of Colombia. It was such a pleasure to meet you last week, and Gary and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Medellin.
    We hope to visit again soon! Thank you for everything! And best of luck to you and your new writers,
    as Medellin Living continues to grow and flourish!
    Aloha………June & Gary

  5. Hey Everyone,

    Im excited for the new articles and have enjoyed following your blog. I have lived in Colombia twice, once in Bogota and once in Cali. I really enjoyed the people, music, food and culture in general. At the time I explored the country quite a bit and I really want to get back to visit friends in Medellin. Keep up the good work!

    Also, I have a small gripe. The navigation layout could use some work. Its hard to access all the articles, they don’t seem to stored under categories all the time and there doesn’t seem to be a chronological directory or alternative logic either. It just makes for confusing searches at times. Sorry for the negative comment but hope i’ts also constructive. Cuidanse mucho!

    • Thanks for the feedback Jake. I agree, the site navigation needs improvement. For now, you can find a drop-down menu for the monthly archives and post categories at the bottom of every page in the footer.

      I’ve started thinking ahead to 2015, and I expect we’ll be doing a redesign of the home page to help make information easier to access.