London Burger Kitchen Brings The Beef In Envigado

Steven, the owner, rocks the grill at London Burger Kitchen.
Steven, the owner, rocks the grill at London Burger Kitchen.

Medellin, like many growing metropolitan areas, seems to be moving in a contemporary culinary direction.

When I moved here 2 ½ years ago, sushi was starting to catch on. Now there are at least seven sushi restaurants, some with multiple locations, although my favorites are the ones with only one location, Sushi House and Sushi Taste.

Peruvian restaurants followed suit, and one of them, Peru Mix, is franchising, and another, Chiclayo, offers the most authentic and traditional dishes in the valley.

Gourmet burgers are part of this trending group too.

I’ve already told you about my favorite burger joints, but a new place opened in the last couple of months, too late to make my Top 5, so this is where I will pay homage to what I would rank No. 2 if I could do things over.

That place that would finish a close second to Bonuar and its Middle Eastern burger — a generous filet of lamb topped with hummus paste — is London Burger Kitchen.

My buddy Bryan from Canada had mentioned how good it is, so after a day at Parque El Solado for a reader meetup, my friend Xaq and I decided to give it a taste.

The name of the burger we ate escapes me but the taste will stay with me forever.

It was perfectly cooked, medium rare, which to me means pink inside — you listening, Chef Burger? — and our toppings were bacon and guacamole, along with the popular lettuce, onion and tomato.

As we bit into our 170-gram burgers, we looked up at each other an instant later. Xaq’s eyes had gotten wider, and I felt like mine did too. We were quite pleased with our food.

That, the cardboard cup of fries and the soda cost 13,000 pesos ($6.50), and considering how hard it was for me to finish the meal, it was worth it.

The owner, Steven, is really nice. He’s originally from Northern England but he’s spent his fair share of time in London, hence the name of his restaurant.

Get familiar with this place. You'll like it.
Get familiar with this place. You’ll like it.

It’s a small place, which could become a problem as his popularity grows but he’s already thinking ahead, thinking about opening two more locations.

His first spot is a good one, en La Bota Del Dia, arguably Envigado’s Zona Rosa, so he’s got visibility.

He has competition too, with Los Verdes across the street, and paisas are known for not trying something new once they have gotten comfortable with something else, even though the product they know and like is inferior.

It’s their loss, if they don’t give the new place in town a chance. Anyone who doesn’t try London Burger Kitchen is missing out.

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