Ladies Night at Babylon Discoteca

Babylon Discoteca
Ladies night at Babylon Discoteca
Ladies night at Babylon Discoteca

Note:  This post was written based on the original location of Babylon on Las Palmas, which closed in 2011. It has since re-opened in Parque Lleras at Carrera 41 #9-22. Thursday nights are still Ladies Night!

Clubbing options in Medellin are limited on Thursday nights, however there are a few hot spots worth knowing about if you’re ready to kick off the weekend early.

Babylon is one of many discotecas grouped together along a small section of Carrera 38 in Las Palmas, a Poblado neighborhood.

Every Thursday night is ladies night and your guaranteed to find a party atmosphere here, even when it seems like Parque Lleras is dead.

Men pay 30,000 pesos ($16) and women pay 12,000 pesos ($6) for all they can drink until 1:30 am.

In Colombia, that means you can typically get beer or bottles of rum or Aguardiente, plus soda and ice for mixing.  Popcorn or sliced mango are served as complimentary finger food.

Babylon was one of the first Medellin clubs I went to back in 2009, and after another visit this year, I can say it hasn’t changed a bit in that time (though women use to get in free).

The first thing you’ll notice when walking up the stairs to pay at the entrance is a big ET statue.  Inside, the whole club is decorated with old TV and movie memorabilia.

If you get there early around 10 pm, you may find everyone sitting in groups at the tables around the club.

It might seem sedate, however in typical paisa fashion, as the alcohol is consumed, and the party revvs up, girls will be dancing on tables in no time.

And club singers will be belting out cover songs from atop the centrally-located bar.

The music is crossover, so you can expect to hear a mix of salsa, merengue, vallenato, and reggaeton.

Babylon, like Blue, is well known amongst backpackers visiting Medellin, so expect to see foreigners at the club.

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    • Yea, the video was made by Pegateya ( which seems to be a website covering nightlife in Colombia. Check it out if you want to see an endless stream of beautiful women. I’ll probably include more of their videos going forward as it’s a little more exciting than just my words!