La Ruana de Juana

La Ruana de Juana
La Ruana de Juana

La Ruana de Juana is a crossover club, positioned on Calle 10 in Poblado, slightly below Parque Lleras.

The bright neon lights on the facade would always catch my attention last year, however I never had the occasion to check out the inside.

That changed back in October when Troy, Ana, and her visiting cousin Tatiana and I went out on a Saturday night.

I forget the cover.  If there was one, it was 10,000 pesos or less.  We’d arrived early, around 10:30pm, which was ideal for locking down a table as the place would soon fill up.

Inside, the decor is made up of Christmas lights, disco balls, and lots of odds and ends, like you might find at a flea market.

We’re talking old sewing machines and things of that nature.  In the photo below, you can see a metal turnstile hanging from the ceiling.  WTF?

Who designs a club in this manner?

Answer:  Colombians!

And therein lies the charm of the bars such as these — they reflect old-school Colombia, and life in the pueblos.

At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to.  Feel free to state your own hypothesis in the comments. But I digress.

As the club filled up, everyone began dancing to the typical crossover mix of Latin music.  There seemed to be an emphasis on vallanato and merengue, as it felt like forever between salsa songs.

It happened to be a 2 for 1 bottle night, so we received twice the rum any of us expected, or needed.

Trying to drink it all between the four of us was a not-so-hot idea in retrospect, but if you’ve ever tasted Medellin Anejo rum, you know it goes down easy.

Between the proximity to Parque Lleras, and the atmosphere inside, I highly recommend La Ruana de Juana for a night of drinks and dancing.

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  1. la Ruana de Juana is located in the 10 street of the poblado. it is amazing place because its design is very traditional and paisa. la Ruana de Juana can visit different kind of person because its environment is crossover .in my opinion i have never gone to the ruana de juana but my friends told me that its is wonderful place where i can find beautiful girls to dance with them.

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