Los Rodriguez w/Andres Calamaro – Sin Documentos


In 2009, I discovered Andres Calmaro thanks to “Hace Calor“, but I didn’t think much of him, as that song reminded me of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achey Breaky Heart.”

In 2010, I discovered Calamaro use to be a part of the group Los Rodriguez, and that both him as a solo artist (Hace Calor aside) and the group he was a part of, rock!

I went through a serious “Sin Documentos” phase a few months ago when I first heard this song. I liked it so much I actually sat down and began learning how to sing the lyrics in Spanish.

Luckily, it wasn’t too complicated, and I found that once I knew the meaning behind the words, I was able to memorize the song much faster.

As I continue to post videos on Medellin Living for my favorite Latin songs, I’ve learned how useful music can be toward learning the Spanish language.

Dissecting a song I hear regularly is a lot more interesting and fun than cracking open a text book or sitting in a classroom. I might be learning slower than if I took the other approaches, but it wouldn’t be as fun!

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