La Dany – Documentary of a Transvestite Street Performer


Screening October 27th at the Lido Theatre, Medellín

La Dany is a new feature documentary from Julie and Jim Giles of Brother & Sister Productions. Shot on the streets in Medellín, Colombia, it documents the life of transvestite street performer, Dany Castaño Quintero, better known as “la Dany.” For over 20 years, “la Dany” has entertained the crowds gathered in Bolívar Park following Sunday evening mass.  A unique talent among the buskers and indigents, Dany struggles to rise above a grueling day-to-day existence to one day realize her star-filled dreams.

La Dany Official Movie Website

For a street performer so easily recognizable, I never saw her during my time in Medellin.

Read the full press release.

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  1. It is really good to see more gay friendly blogs and gay bloggers in the Medellin area! Thanks for posting and keep on salsa dancing!


  2. While I certainly don´t object to alternative lifestyle friendly websites, I have seen La Dany´s ´show´on several occasions. My assumption is she is making headlines only because she is a transvestite and not because she is a talented artist. That is a shame. Maybe if she looked a little better I´d be more interested!
    .-= Medellin Colombia´s last blog ..Medellin Real Estate: Poblado and Envigado =-.

  3. I am one of the filmmakers behind “La Dany.” We decided to choose Dany as a subject for several reasons — not just the attention her gender orientation might well … engender. Dany is an interesting character because she’s not always likeable, or smart, or even attractive. She is not an artist in the traditional sense. But her work — not unlike those working in the Naïve or Art Brut traditions — is often brilliant in its roughness. What she does as an artist is very spontaneous and not mediated by a lot of “thinking” or intellectualism. I continue to be awed by her resiliency … and the generosity (although often crude) that she shows to her neighbors, friends and those who are even less fortunate than herself. We’re having a free screening in Medellin on the 27th at the Lido. It would be great if you could attend and see the film.
    .-= Julie Giles´s last blog ..LIDO Screening: Special Appearance by Diego Marulanda|Presentación en el Lido – Actuación especial de Diego Marulanda =-.

    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. If I were in Medellin still, I’d have to check out the movie next week! Too curious not to.

      Good luck,


  4. Hi Dave, my name is Maria del Pilar, I live in Medellín, and i am doing a investigation about “La Danny” I want to talk with you and make you a couple questions… How i can do it?