Guide to the Little Known Movie Theater Venues in Medellín

Museum of Modern Art, photo by Pe5pe
Museum of Modern Art, photo by Pe5pe

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post by Sonja Bricker.

When I first moved to Medellín over three months ago, I began researching where to see movies. I quickly discovered the city is full of modern, comfortable movie theater venues. These show mainstream Hollywood films plus the occasional independent and foreign one.

Jeff wrote an excellent article detailing all the idiosyncrasies of reserved seating, general versus preferential seats and the complex pricing schedule, which helped me prepare for my first visit. Since then, I have seen seven movies between C.C. Santafé and C.C. Oviedo.

However, upon digging a little deeper, I also discovered that Medellín has over half-dozen other movie theater venues. These show an eclectic range of movies, often for a fraction of the price of the main ones.

Note the above is a photo of Museum of Modern Art in Medellín, which is by Pe5pe.

Museum of Modern Art's Theater
Museum of Modern Art’s Theater

1. Movie Theater Venues: Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art (MAMM), screens movies in their gorgeous theater nearly every Thursday-Sunday at the standard time of 7 pm, often with additional show times at 5 or 9 pm.

And on Saturdays there is a 2 pm matinee and tickets are two for the price of one (8,000 pesos).

For the month of February the English language offerings include: Nocturnal Animals, La La Land and Manchester by the Sea. There are also European and Asian films such as: The Assassin, The Salesman, Neruda, Train to Busan, John From plus many Colombian features.

Consult MAMM’s website for exact show times.

2. Movie Theater Venues: Colombo Americano School

Another excellent choice for English language and European films is the Colombo Americano school (downtown location), which has two theaters.

Tickets are just 8,000 pesos ($2.78) and movie choices for February have included: Neruda, Paulina, Toni Erdman, Manchester by the Sea, Hedi, The Client and La La Land.

Consult Colombo’s website for exact showtimes.

OtraParte in Envigado
OtraParte in Envigado

3. Movie Theater Venues: OtraParte

In the Envigado neighborhood there is a beautifully restored house museum, cultural center, café and theater where the writer Fernando Gonzalez lived and worked.

The movie space is small and intimate. It’s more like watching a movie in someone’s living room, and the free showings are every Wednesday at 7 pm and Sunday at 3 pm.

There is always a theme.  And this month it is Audrey Hepburn. Some of the movies include: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, Charade, How to Steal a Million, Wait Until Dark.

For more details consult OtraParte’s website.

4. Movie Theater Venues: the Universities

Two of Medellín’s universities show movies regularly as well. Universidad EAFIT shows free movies every Monday at 6 pm when classes are in session.

There is always a theme: first semester of 2017 it is “Louis Malle.”   Location is Block 39, Auditorium 103. Check EAFIT’s website for a complete list of films.

The University of Antioquia has a very impressive selection of movie show times and choices during the school year, all for free. On any given Friday there will be between 1-5 movies shown at different locations throughout campus.

For example, on February 24 you could see Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox, Half Nelson, or Conversations with Mother.

Check the monthly schedule for February’s offerings.

Parque de los Deseos, photo by einalem
Parque de los Deseos, photo by einalem

5. Movie Theater Venues: Outdoors at El Parque de los Deseos

For an outdoor movie experience simply head to El Parque de los Deseos, which has free movies every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The selection is diverse, ranging from kid friendly picks such as Cars to more alternative films like Super Size Me and The Last King of Scotland.

Check their website for the current schedule.

6. Movie Theater Venues: Others

In addition to all of the above, the Biblioteca Pública Piloto shows movies occasionally, as does Comfenalco.

Please let us know if you are aware of any other little known movie theater venues in Medellín out there that aren’t on our list.

See you at the movies!

About Sonja

Sonja is from Whidbey Island, WA. She has traveled to 46 countries but never wanted to settle down in any of them until she discovered Medellin.  She is currently living here in Medellín for six months until she figures out how to be a permanent resident.

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  1. the cámara de comercio has a packed movie theatre, free on Mondays and Fridays at 6:30pm I believe. it’s in the downtown office, off the Oriental, they share the program on their website and usually have a specific theme every month. I’ve seen a tonne of new and classic European and Asian films, always with subtitles. best to arrive a bit early to ensure you get a good seat!

  2. Thank you Sonja for this great information; although I have been living here for a while, you gave me new information.

    My 2 cents regarding UdeA (Universidad de Antioquia) for whoever visits the place – If you want to go to a movie or any other event you should arrive until 5 pm to the gate of the university if you do not have a UdeA student/worker card (un carné). Otherwise you cannot enter at all (this is Medellín and “these are the rules, there is nothing we can do”…). So, try to take it easy, arrive early, drink something, enjoy the student atmosphere (wannabe revolutionary…) or pay a visit to the library.

    They also have music and dance shows and for those – although always free, as well – you sometimes need to get a ticket beforehand. In the link below if it says “Entrada libre con boleta” you must obtain a ticket until 4.30 pm from another block (cannot recall now its number). However, some shows are very popular and tickets are taken a few days before… In a case like this, you can try your luck standing in the line in front of the theater entrance with all people who do not have a ticket. Most of the times you will get in after all the people that DO have tickets get it and take a sit.

    Direct link: for both movies and shows:

    Now, there are also events in UdeA that are NOT listed in the above link that anyone can attend, usually earlier during the day. Go the link below and page in the issuu embedded magazine until you get to “Bienestar universitario”.